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A New God Of War Mobile [App] Just Appeared Out Of Nowhere

A new game called God Of War Mimirs Vision just appeared on both the iPhone App Store as well as the Google Play Store. [Source: press-start.com.au ]

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Bethesda showing “healthy number” of new projects at E3

Game Reactor: At PAX East we had the chance to speak with Bethesda’s Senior Vice President of Marketing Pete Hines about all things Bethesda, from Nintend...

Why God of War is an Early Game of the Year Contender

God of War ticks all the right boxes, and it’s incredible how good everything works in this game. [Source: digitalcentralmedia.co.uk ]

God Of War PS4 Frame Rate Improved After New Patch, Runs At 56 FPS Avg On Pro

God of War offers one of the best implementation for PS4 Pro support with a resolution and performance mode that can be easily toggled from the options menu. On...

Hellblade’s Devs Are Making A Real Difference – What’s Everyone Else’s Excuse?

COGconnected: Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is one of the first successful mainstream games weve seen to tackle a real-world issue and dedicate a percentag...

UK God of War launch is the biggest in the series history

Same for the new Yakuza, too. God of War on PS4 is the fastest selling title in the franchise’ history (boxed sales only). God of War’s success in t...

PUBG Level 3 Helmet is Being Moved to Care Packages Only

PUBG players, it is time for us to take off our hats and hang our heads in mourning as today, we lost a true ally. Speaking in a blog post, PUBG Corp revealed t...

Microsofts Mike Ybarra Shows His Support For God of War And States That He Is A Gamer First

The rivalry between fans of Xbox and PlayStation is one that can get really better in terms of healthy discourse. Perhaps they can learn a thing or two from the...

This is the coolest video you’ll see this weekend, ten 16-bit games re-imagined as 3D retro games

Bitplex has released an incredible video, showing ten beloved 16-bit games re-imagined as 3D retro games. And let me tell you that this is the coolest and most ...

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