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A Duel Hand Disaster: Trackher

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A Duel Hand Disaster: Trackher is the only split-screen single player twin stick risk ’em up in which your score is meaningless unless you exist. You control two ships simultaneously. Destroy the left to earn points, while recovering resources on the right to multiply those points. The left side does not take damage. The right side does. Above all you must extract with your score. Playing until death will not only wipe your score it will wipe your leaderboard position as well, yes, across all Tiers.

EXTRACT with your score and move on to the next Tier. You will now be able to wager part or all of your previous score, essentially creating a bucket of points that you can earn as a bonus. Choose wisely. Extracting before reaching the wager will mean the wager will become a penalty. To earn your wager you must reach it through destruction on the left.

The screen is split with the HR-D on the left side (Assault) and the DF-R on the right side (Recovery). The HR-D DOES NOT take damage while the DF-R DOES. If the DF-R is destroyed the game is over, you wipe your score, and your leaderboard position. Damage is permanent, however you do earn a bonus the lower your health is. Incentivize the risk, not the instinct to quit.


  • Moving and Shooting deteriorates the LINK between the HR-D and DF-R
  • PowerCells will upgrade the HR-D’s rate of fire and unlock new weapons


  • Repeater (Hold Left Trigger)
  • Boost (Hold Left Bumper while moving)
  • ScatterShot (Single Tap Left Trigger)
  • Missiles (Doulble Tap Left Trigger)


  • Recover Material : your Assault Score will be multiplied by this amount on EXTRACTION
  • Material must be sacrificed to keep the LINK active between the HR-D and DF-R
  • Parts are required for EXTRACTION
  • Parts also unlock the DF-R’s defenses

    DEFENSES (requires PARTS)

  • B.F.P. (MultiTap Right Trigger)
  • Boost (Hold Right Bumper while moving)
  • Awareness Engine (Hold Right Trigger)
  • Danger Sensor (Passive Ability)


  • MATERIAL management is crucial as it is also the final multiplier upon EXTRACTION
  • While the DF-R is recovering resources make sure the HR-D is destroying enemies to take advantage of the RECOVERY BONUS
  • In order to keep your score the LINK must be active and EXTRACTION must be at 100%
  • The HR-D must defend the entrance to the Zastrus Core otherwise the Trackers will come for the DF-R’s resources and cause heavy damage
  • Activating the DF-R’s shields will sacrifice MATERIAL, initiate a mulitiplier on the left, and must be kept active for shields to stay active
  • Boost with the DF-R and take less damage, Boosting while shields are active and you won’t take any damage at all
  • Only the Repeater will chain the multiplier and keep the DF-R’s shield active
  • Missiles can instantly extend or eradicate the multiplier. Pay attention to it’s path


  • Quick to pick up and play : no cutscenes
  • No Pause only Action

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A Duel Hand Disaster: Trackher

The only split-screen single player twin stick risk 'em up in which your score is meaningless unless you exist. If you do not extract you do not keep your score. Playing until death is not an option. Don't lose sight of your mission. Trackher.

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