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A Dump in the Dark

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The quaking in your bowels means that something foul is near. The time has come to cleanse the darkness inside you. In a tale that transcends time and space, past and present will meld into a torrid flow of fear. Your cheeks will tremble in delight, or perhaps fear at the sight of unspeakable horrors and terrible acts.

The ♥♥♥♥♥ of your past have come back to haunt you in this dark tale of dumps in the night. Don’t let them take you so easily . Survive, evacuate yourself, and discover the secrets of your family’s legacy. Do your ‘duty’ and stave off the forces of the Pit.

Stay aware of your surroundings, for the solutions you seek could be hidden in the shadows, as well as what hunts you. Dispatch your enemies with your sacred droppings, or with whatever may come to hand. You will venture into the depths of the past. You will make choices that affect the others. Not choosing is still a choice.

This game is intended for a mature audience.

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A Dump in the Dark

Welcome to earth, but it might be a little bit different than you remember leaving it. You will gape in horror, as you face horrid abominations with only your rump to help see you through the darkness.

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