Explore a relaxing low-poly 3D world with a short narrative.

A World, At Peace began as an exercise in game development using Unreal Engine 4, and 3D modeling in Cinema 4D, for my second-year design studio course at New Jersey Institute of Technology. 3-4 weeks production time, with no prior knowledge of the programs. Additionally, I applied my current experience in music composition for original music and sound.

It was exhibited and critiqued on December 21, 2016.

The itch.io version of A World, At Peace has been slightly enhanced to include random spawning between two set collectible patterns, added and edited dialogue, and other minor fixes.

A World, At Peace will always remain free to download. If you choose to donate an amount of payment, your kindness and support are gratefully appreciated.

A World, At Peace

Game, Character, and Level Design

3D Modeling, Story, Music and Sound

Joshua Weinberg — YouTube • Twitter

A Very Special Thanks To

Professor Taro Narahara

NJIT Digital Design Class of 2019


and of course itch.io, for allowing me a platform to freely distribute this.

Game powered by Unreal Engine 4.

Character animation powered by Mixamo.

Current build: 1.01

For Windows only.

Alt + Enter for fullscreen.

Thanks for playing!

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A World, At Peace

Explore a relaxing low-poly 3D world with a short narrative.

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