About Game Tunnel

What is Game Tunnel?

Game Tunnel was historically a website dedicated to the independent gaming scene. There dozens of independent games (indie games) released in a typical month which receive little if any media attention. These titles have, in the past, often been called shareware titles by the majority of the gaming websites, but the category Independent is a better moniker for them and it has been the one that we’ve used since Game Tunnel started in 2002.  The Old Game Tunnel focused on Indie Games shutdown in 2012 after a decade of serving the indie gaming scene.  This new iteration of Game Tunnel is focused on all things gaming.  We are aggregating news on all sorts of games from AAA console gaming titles to free games on indie websites and will even be covering tabletop and card games with this new site.

What are Indie Games?

Indie games are conceptually different from the mainstream games that you typically find. They often represent the work of a small group of programmers and graphic artists who share a specific vision, which large game publishers don’t want to be involved. For that reason, the games made by the Indies are often quite unique, innovative and interesting.

Since the team creating the game is typically smaller than that of most of the games that you will find in stores, the length of indie games are typically shorter than mainstream games. Majority of indie games have a more arcade type of feel to them, which means that they are typically games that can be played in short segments and may only use one or two keys instead of requiring players to memorize 83 different hotkeys. Theses games thrive on their sense of fun and are built so that people can jump in and enjoy them immediately. The games may require hours to master, but it only takes a few moments before they become enjoyable.

This leads many independent games to being more approachable than the typical gaming affair and has lead to the springing up of what are now called Casual Games. Casual games, depending on who you talk too, are either considered a subset of indie games or the major group in which indie games are themselves encapsulated.

Unfortunately, most of the major gaming sites charge large amounts of money to do a review of a game (either by way of advertising fees or direct review fees). Few websites have the bandwidth to review more than a few “independent” games each year. That leaves hundreds if not thousands of excellent games left hidden in the underground.

Game Tunnel exists to provide news, reviews, previews and general media coverage for all games. Whether you’re a small independent game, a board game or a big MMO, Game Tunnel is a virtual tunnel to the independent underground. Intended for game lovers of all ages, Game Tunnel gives readers information about truly amazing and distinctive games you won’t find anywhere else.

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