Abyssal Zone is a tile-based puzzle game where you can only move forward or turn, a distinctive mechanic which is the focus of the game. It features a collection of puzzles built around this, which reward you with pearls should you complete them under the specified number of moves.

Partner up with a friend to solve the co-op exclusive puzzles, where both players’ moves count towards the pearl counter, or play solo and experience the dialogue between two omnipresent entities who are watching you.

The game can be controlled completely with two buttons, including menu navigation, but other keys and controller support are also available for ease.

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Abyssal Zone

Abyssal Zone is a tile-based puzzler which incorporates a distinctive mechanic: you can only turn clockwise. Go solo and make your way through puzzles while being watched by two entities, or bring a friend along and play the exclusive co-op stages.

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