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Achievement Hunter: Begins

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Achievement Hunter: Begins
3d platformer made in low poly design, with a bonus of more than 7000 achievements!

In the game you have to play for a knight who alone is fighting enemies,
you can only fall on yourself, on your shield and sword.
You will need to find the coins, fight with enemies,
travel around the world and much more,
also in the game you will find a lot of cool and interesting
Easter Eggs

The game is made in a combination of several styles, we wanted to make
a cartoon style with the use of low-poly models, and it seems we did it

Feature List:

  • 2D platformer with 3d graphics
  • More than 7000 achievements
  • A lot of funny and interesting Easter Eggs
  • Leaderboard, which can be viewed in the game
  • Low poly models of warriors and knights in cartoon style

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Achievement Hunter: Begins

Game about knights in cartoon style. With low-poly models,
many Easter Eggs and a bonus of 7000+ achievements

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