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Action Alien: Prelude

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Action Alien: Prelude is the initial Action Alien as it was announced in Greenlight before being redesigned, featuring the petrol station improved with enhanced graphics and destructible environments.

Collect all the petrol cans and leave the place with your car in daylight or at night !

Destroy the entire petrol station with machine guns and explosives, or let the aliens smash it for you !

Collect all weapons hidden in the station ranging from the revolver, the tommy gun to the grenade launcher and destroy the waves of aliens with them.

Wherever they run at you, walk loudly or spit acid they are each time coming from different places to get you !

With 10 achievements to unlock, support for Xbox-like gamepads and Ultra HD resolution (4K).

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Action Alien: Prelude

Fight waves of aliens in a completely destructible petrol station with many weapons to grab and species of aliens to fight !

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