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Adventures of Hendri

Steam Video Games Windows

Adventures of Hendri is a 2d Platform Game

Hendri the main character is about to embark on a dangerous quest to save Ash’s little piggy’s from being killed.
The object of the game is to rescue the little piggy’s. You only have a certain time to do this before the piggy gets killed.
Can you save them all?

  • Evade Traps
  • Race against the clock
  • Save that piggy
  • Challenging Levels
  • Simple Controls
  • Do not die

That is your mission. So come and play and see if you can save them all.

Hand painted graphics with a great sound track that will just keep you playing.
Easy game-play controls. It will bring a challenge to your skill and reaction.

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Adventures of Hendri

Adventures of Hendri is a fun single-player game where you are sent out to rescue Ash's little piggy's from being killed. Will you be able to save them.

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