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Adventures Of Pipi

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An alien named Pipi wandered around the galaxy, searching of a new planet suitable for life of his race. During the flight over another planet, his ship went down and crashed on the Vapeland planet. After waking up in a house, Pipi realized that this world is different from his homeworld and decided to get out of it as soon as possible. Find the way home, and collect vapes and spinners. You will be confronted by roosters, Cthulhu, pikes and other traps.
-Vapes and spinners
-Ability to be an alien
-Good relaxing soundtrack
-20 Game levels
-Steam Achievements

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Adventures Of Pipi

You play as an alien Pipi, whose ship was wrecked on the planet Vapeland. Escape from the Vapeland planet and collect as many vapes and spinners as possible

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