Age of Seas and Ceron’s diary is an open world exploration’s multiplayer game where your skills are challenged at every moment. Go on board gigantic ships, set your own routes of trading, do battle, be an authentic bounty hunter or look for a hidden treasure. There are plenty of things you must tackle in AOS once you are on the pirate’s shoes.

Features to know

  • Bounty hunter
  • Goods and trade
  • Open world exploration
  • Hunting and fishing
  • Challenges and missions
  • Naval battles
  • Treaure hunt
  • Clan and alliances

…and many more things await you in this adventure.

XIX century, the trade’s routes are desolated. A huge demand of goods are required at the harbourd, no resources at sight. Sailors have more and more dangerous and distant routes. Just a few of them penetrate into the mysterious seas looking for the most demanded resources. But just the tough ones are so unconscious to set sail through unexplored tides and come back to relate it.

The population of the overpopulated cities of leprosy and diseases, are starving. The huge rats run through the streets spreading all kind of infections and cholera. Governors has to rewar, with hope and with no choice, drunk ship’s captains to find new ground with food for the population.

The sea is full of danger and the hungry crew willing to step on the shore for a few seconds, this is not the best scenario for the goverments who wish to end up the situation. But there are always brave sailors that move away on their dilapidated ships looking for the promised land.

After months of sailing and with the crew about to get mad, a group of islands plenty of food and resources are founded. But this discovery, has a hight price to pay. Then, hundred of ships launch to the islands to get part of the finding and soon the new routes become unfriendly and full of pirates. But that is not still the real price to pay after discover those wicked lands.

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Age of Seas

Take charge of a great ship and make the right decisions if you do not want to end up at the bottom of the sea devoured by sharks or other creatures.

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