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Akhenaten: Rule as Pharaoh

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Let’s travel back to the world’s original open sandbox: the deserts of Ancient Egypt.

As King of Egypt, you will have free reign to lead a people from the humble banks of the Nile River to the sprawling and wondrous Egypt we know today. You will command citizens to collect resources, build farms, mines, temples, state buildings, and monuments in your honor. Manage civics and social policies. If you can rise past the challenges posed by famine, drought, plagues, and uprisings – you may just be able to create some of the most monumental building projects ever attempted, including the Great Pyramids themselves.

Seek to build an Empire or amuse yourself tearing it down. The fate of Egypt lies in Pharaoh’s hands, and the crown now passes to you.

Key Features

  • Over 30 unique building types from 5 fundamental categories.
  • A range of social policies with varying effects and consequences, from edicts as diverse as banning individual gods from worship to allowing and disallowing slavery. Each decision can have a profound impact on population happiness and production, all of which will be recorded on temple walls in Hieroglyphs.
  • Custom Hieroglyphics with Egyptian imagery tell the story of your decisions as Pharaoh. Any major act committed by you will be forever recorded on your hieroglyphic story, visible on the Palace walls and Temples throughout your world.
  • Historically correct Egyptian Animals that roam the wild, some of which can be hunted and others domesticated.
  • Over 10 designed starting map scenarios to choose from, each posing a unique set of circumstances and challenges.
  • A historically accurate calendar based on the real Egyptian seasons. The Nile will rise and flood at the beginning of the year. Any land it touches will turn green and fertile for farms when it clears, while any buildings in the way of the flooding will become damaged or destroyed. You must plan according to the flooding of the Nile.

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Akhenaten: Rule as Pharaoh

As Pharaoh, you will lead a people from the humble banks of the Nile River to the sprawling and wondrous world of Ancient Egypt.

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