arrow keys/WASD + mouse to walk around
~*space*~ to jump
alt + f4 to exit


  • virtual stargazing (just look up!!!)
  • over 50 aliens
  • lots of sneaky secrets
  • extreme alien close ups
  • alarmingly sudden music……
  • most realistic alien graphics EVER (u can't fight me on this because we haven't discovered any aliens yet)
  • no humans*

with BONUS alien guide PDF


hey thanks for playing my cool and great game! i made this over 2 months using unity + maya and im so excited for you to play. this is probably going to be the most aliens you've seen in one spot EVER. please tweet me your favourite alien using the FREE alien reference guide!

twitter: @queengrace97


special thanks 2

Best Sounds (Youtube), Hypno-Systems UK (Youtube), xxJuanVsWildxx (Youtube), SFXsource (Youtube), Piano Mode (Youtube), Sound Effects (Youtube), Audio Enabled (Youtube), Las Ketchup (gr8 band), Lionel Richie (man), Nico (bug fixer!!) Doug (doug fixer!!))

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