All Cows In is a relaxing game about cowboys and cows. You play as a cowboy and your goal is to push the cows with your whip in the stable before the sunset. At the end of the day, depends how many cows you have successfully pushed into the stable, you will receive additional cows, like shown in this list:

  • 1-5 cows at the end of the day gives you plus 1 additional cow
  • 6-10 cows at the end of the day gives you plus 2 additional cow
  • 11-15 cows at the end of the day gives you plus 3 additional cow
  • etc.

During the night you will see shop window where you can buy different upgrades and sell cows. But you can’t sell all cows. Minimum number of cows to start next day is 1.

For example, if you finish a day with 4 cows you will receive +1 and you will have 5 total, but before next day you can sell maximum 4 and you will start next day with only 1 cow but with $4000, if you didn’t spent them on upgrades, of course. One of good strategies is too prolong selling of cows until the comfortable number of cows to you. The more you can handle, the even more you will receive at the end of the day.

Don’t whip cow with full strength, because you will kill them and at that place DEATH will spawn and hunt other cows. Try to avoid that and don’t let the DEATH to catch the cows. Sometimes the DEATH will randomly spawn. The DEATH will disappear after some period.

In-game upgrades:

  • Second cowboy – one controlled with left click and another with right click
  • Extra time
  • Dog – it will help you in preventing cows to leave the field
  • Holy water – Freeze the DEATH
  • Whip power

This game offers you:

  • Voxel graphics
  • Online high score ranking list
  • Great for playing now and then to relax yourself and see if you can be the cowboy with the top score

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All Cows In

Push the cows in the stable and become Millionaire!

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