A 3D adventure game where your initial abilities are to knock, ask, trick and take.
You’re following a mysterious Halloween invitation into the monster-filled night.
Use your abilities to get other abilities to get the final item – a treat.
What could possibly go wrong?

Mysterious atmosphere and story.
Slow-paced and occasionally spooky.
About 1 hour of playtime on a spoiler-free first run.
All assets and game engine custom made.

Accessibility Features and Anti-Features

+/- All dialog text-only

+ All sound effects dispensable
+ No color differentiation required
+ Mostly high contrast text
– Mostly low contrast scenery
+ No time limits to read on-screen text
+ No time limits to complete in-game tasks
+ In-game tutorial
+ Simple menu
– No alternative difficulty levels
+ Controller support for game and menus (Requires if used: 1 d-pad, 2 2-axis analog sticks, 4 buttons)
+ Remappable controller buttons and analog sticks
+/- Low default analog stick sensitivity but not customizable
+/- Keyboard and mouse support (sensitivity not customizable)
+ Keyboard only support
– No remappable keyboard keys (Requires if used: w, a, s, d, up, left, down, right, 1, 2, 3, enter/space/e)

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All Haze Eve

A 3D adventure game where you're following a mysterious Halloween invitation into a monster-filled night.

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