American Farmer was a board game originally created by my father long ago when he was in college and now I bring it to you in a digital format. A game of buying and selling for up to 8 players. A simple yet delightfully fun game, after all who doesn’t like to watch their friends lose everything in a devastating fire before nearly achieving victory?

  • Includes interactive tutorial to help learn the rules.
  • Up to 8 players Human or AI. You can even have computers players against themselves!
  • Uses the keyboard, mouse or touchscreen – Up/Down to select on menu, any key to accept chosen option.
  • Digital Board Game – Roll the dice and your character walks around the board.
  • Turn-Based
  • Manage your money in a game of buying and selling, avoid some hazards along the way.
  • A bit of planning, a sliver of daring, a serving of luck and your well on your way to becoming rich and farmous!
  • Unlock all 31 Steam Achievements!

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American Farmer

Buy and Sell in a 2D board game of chance and risk management. Up to 8 players Human (Local) or AI. Unlock Steam achievements!

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