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American Patriots: Boston Tea Party

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AMERICAN PATRIOTS: BOSTON TEA PARTY is a turn based war game. Conquer the redcoats in the American Revolutionary War and gain independence from the British! The fate of the United States is at your hands!


  • You play on a historic illustrated battle map.
  • An addicting hot seat mode to crush your friends or family.
  • 4 single player battle scenarios in the vicinity of Boston.
  • Compete in the leaderboards! The 10 best players will receive a Golden General with more health points!
  • Read the ancient map for defensive lines. Churches heal, rivers lower defense, towns are fortified.
  • 4 difficulty settings: Easy, Normal, Hard and Nightmare.
  • Hot seat is extra fun on a Windows tablet – touchscreen friendly user interface.
  • Break through enemy lines! Flanking does 75% more damage.

Please be aware that the engagements are not always historically accurate and the main idea is to have fun on an immersive battle map. As a beer and pretzels game, the combat is fast paced and instantly satisfying!

Art by Roland Seer, programming by Rain Pohlak.

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American Patriots: Boston Tea Party

Take Boston or die for freedom!

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