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Ancient Code VR( The Fantasy Egypt Journey)

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A call from the deep in the ancient Egyptian temple

In a Egyptian Horus palace temple which was abandoned for a long time, Seth tribal pontifex want to corrupt there for wake up Pharaoh’s soul.

They taken player’s new girlfriend — Garcia, as a price to deal with Seth.

Get your weapon, and enter the deep side of temple , rescue Garcia and stop pontifex’s ceremony.

Unique Levels, creatively play experiences on Zuma game

Rampage Match-3 Zuma game

Fantastic exp of ancient Egyptian temples

Survival combat with Match-3 together

Immersive virtual reality experience brings you back to ancient Egypt

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Ancient Code VR( The Fantasy Egypt Journey)

Ancient Code is an innovation game from indie game developer studio Edougames and it includes 4 high-quality mini games which are called Grenadier, Archery,Shooting and Mix level design. Please join in and start the Fantasy Journey of Egypt!

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