Apex Tournament is the most fast-paced Virtual Reality action game ever created. Players can move around the in-game environment extremely quickly and fluidly with zero VR sickness using the Hyper Dash system. With this movement system we are building an arena based TDM shooter/slasher.

In a world where gladiatorial combat has made a resurgence, you are among the gifted few honored with the opportunity to participate in the APEX Tournament. Using the arsenal bestowed upon you by weapons corporations, shoot, slice, and smash your way to the top.

In our progression system, players upgrade their chosen weapons throughout the duration of each match. There are 3 levels of progressive upgrades for each weapon. Chose strategically to dominate your opponent!

  • Sword
  • Assault Rifle
  • War Hammer
  • Pistol
  • Sniper

Weapon Blast:
Each individual weapon is equipped with a unique ability. The abilities level up with your weapons’ upgrades. Abilities can be stacked with multiple weapon equips. Abilities include:

  • Kinetic cripple: an AEO attack that slows enemies in your area
  • Kinetic decimate: an AEO attack that damages enemies in your area
  • Lumen cripple: a ranged attack that slows enemies
  • Lumen decimate: a ranged attack that damages enemies
  • Wall Razer: summon a wall of spikes to block passage and cause damage

Game play:

Free for All
Team Death Match

Hyper Dash Locomotion:
The dream to create a true competitive VR first-person shooter gave birth to the notion of designing a locomotion system that would be in sync with the user’s physical movement. The idea was that this would largely align the user’s visual and vestibular cues to eliminate the sensory dissonance behind VR sickness manifestations.
Gone are the days of mashing buttons to move in-game. Our revolutionary Hyper Dash technology turns your body into the controller, removing all cognitive dissonance that may cause dizziness and nausea common in other virtual reality games. Run, jump, and engage in combat completely with your own natural movement.
Prepare to for an experience like nothing before.

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APEX Tournament

The most fast-paced VR shooter with Zero VR Sickness. Apex Tournament is built with Hyper Dash locomotion system that allows players to control in-game character with their center of gravity. Arena based shoot/slash TDM.

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