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April 2005 Printer Friendly Page

April 2005 Indie Game Monthly Round-Up

(by The Illustrious Panel - TIP)

Scoring Scale:

1 - Just Unbelievably Bad
2 - Terrible
3 - Quite Poor
4 - Way Below Average
5 - Below Average
6 - Average
7 - Above Average
8 - Way Above Average
9 - Nearly Flawless
10 - Perfection
Award Winners This Month:

Average score of 9 or above

Average score of 8 or above

Average score of 7 or above
Supremacy: Four Paths to Power
Tribal Trouble
DROD: Journey to Rooted Hold
Glow Worm
Snowy: Treasure Hunter


(April 5)

by REL Games

It's a first person shooter, well made and smooth playing. But on the downside, the entire demo takes place on one very wide open map, and gives the impression that there are only 4 maps in the whole game. Also, you are given one specific weapon for each level and can't switch. And lastly, you' re shooting zombies, so as you expect, they mindlessly storm towards you as you mow them down. It's a strange combination of dull (just keep sweeping that gun across their heads), exciting (whoa, more are coming from the side!), tedious (frags=120, on one of the shortest levels!), and fun (hey, decapitating zombies). - MH
Crashed after trying to start a level. - SR


Hahaha! While the game is not intentionally funny, I can't help but get a good laugh from it. The finest arena zombie hoard killing 3D shooter I've played. The game's crazy. It'll throw hundreds of zombies at you with various melee weapons, eventually adding armor to toughen them up. Why did I find the game so amusing? It's because it's so beautifully produced. Your 2 guns (from the demo), the assault riffle and shotgun are skillfully animated, like in any quality shooter. Also the zombies can be decapitated, dismembered, and are rather determined to cut you. And man, that nuke tearing apart the zombies looked great. Good stuff.  - MK


(April 12)

by Play First

It's supposed to be Civilization at its teeniest, but it's really not. What it is is a simple turn-based strategy/puzzle game which is highly luck-based. It's a lot of fun to play, and it keeps you going with a variety of different things to be shooting for as you play. I would recommend this game as a quick timewaster, much like Solitaire or Minesweeper, only with a decidedly more Egyptian feel. - MH
I first met the Oasis guys at the IGF – I had a booth next to theirs. They were cool and unlike me, never seemed to tire of explaining the game to one more person. A year later it’s finally released. Was it worth the wait? You bet. This is an addictive strategy game where each “level” is finished in a few minutes with lots of clicking. It’s got a very “board game” feel. Exploration, build up, luck, carry over, it’s all here in a finely tuned experience like you haven’t seen before. - SR
The big winner from IGF 2004, I certainly had high expectations. I've been getting notices from the developer for a while, as I signed up for the beta that year, but never actually played it. Finally, sitting down to play it, yeah... I'm impressed. It's a strategy game, strangely similar to Mine Sweeper, just a bunch more complicated, ... and Egypt themed. The game has a solid tutorial/campaign for getting you up to speed, and I'm almost sure the levels are randomly generated. Nice. I was having a great time playing, until I was interrupted by this commanding voice telling me "WARNING, YOU HAVE 2 MINUTES IN YOUR TRIAL REMAINING!!111". Scared the crap out of me. Thanks for that one Mr. Developer. - MK


Garden Golf
(April 13)

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by Fun Pause

A pretty decent minigolf game. Some of the holes are fairly excruciating, like the windmill that's more like a jet engine (totally random chance whether you're getting it in there or not!). It handles all the basics well, and is reasonably enjoyable. If minigolf is your thing, I think you would have fun with it! If that's not your thing, it won't change your mind. - MH
Despite having zero animation for the player (is he a statue?), overall I like the graphics. The problem is the ball movement just doesn’t feel right. All three of the ball types feel flawed. The “normal” ball feels like it’s covered with Velcro, and the absolute shortest distance you can go with the “light” ball is three feet. I’d prefer a ball that can go up and down hills without violating the laws of physics. Why can’t I turn off the repetitive music without turning off the sound effects too? - SR
Hey, I like mini-golf games, but this one didn't do much for me. The game is played from an isometric perspective. It's rather easy to play, moving the mouse changes your angle, and pressing the mouse button controls your power. Unfortunately, predicting your angle trickier than most, as you only have a small arrow to do it with. The physics feel rather simple, as the ball moves really quick, and sort of sinks like quicksand into the holes. It's not bad, but it's nothing special.