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May 2005 Printer Friendly Page

May 2005 Indie Game Monthly Round-Up

(by The Illustrious Panel - TIP)

Scoring Scale:

10 - Perfection 5 - Below Average
9 - Nearly Flawless 4 - Way Below Average
8 - Way Above Average 3 - Quite Poor
7 - Above Average 2 - Terrible
6 - Average 1 - Just Unbelievably Bad
Game of the Month:
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Average score of 8 or above

Average score of 7 or above
None None Jig Words
Black Knight


Mystic Blades
(May 1)

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by Vermillion Entertainment

On the one hand, it's a fighting game on your PC! And it looks rather good - no Soul Calibur for sure (and the final boss is. well, yech looking, but really unique and interesting), but nice. The other hand, the one that is intimately practiced in tapping LP, LP, F, LK, HP, says something is lacking here, and that's a solid fighting engine. The combat is utterly simplistic with only two special moves per character, and "supermoves" that are virtually pure chance. This game could be so much more than it is with some very simple design work, but as it is, there's just hardly any game to it. - MH
This great looking 3D fighting game has all the requisites: unlockable characters and art, gamepad support, and two player action. However, the visuals outstrip the gameplay: No throws, only two special moves per character, too much emphasis on “devine powers”. The block system is a high-low (back blocks, SF style) but I generally did better with nonstop jumping attacks. Some very neat looking huge opponents, especially the Hydra. - SR
Well, this fighter has good intentions, but some really serious issues. Visually, it's in a league just shy of Soul Calibur. The models, backgrounds and textures look great, however the animations are horrid collections of linear motions. The controls... well... I'm pretty sure Rise of the Robots played better than this. Nearly every attack is an instant, and when you push the difficulty past "Easiest", you get smoked by the AI. The game even has an extras system where you earn points by playing the game to unlock hidden characters, an art/concept gallery, and profiles. Really, compared to a modern fighter, this game does everything right, except the most important part. The game.- MK


(May 11)

by KraiSoft

This offers at least a little twist on matching 3 items - there's a little boat that's trying to motor across the board collecting items, so you need to clear room for it. But oddly, when you have cleared a path, you could keep on making matches, but since new lilies appear randomly each time you make a match, and there's no time limit, it's actually better to just sit and watch the boat go than to make more matches. I don't really like games to encourage me to sit still and not touch anything. It's the reason I don' t like antique shops (okay, not the only reason). - MH
In this game you need to clear a path for a tiny ship by matching three lilies of the same color. Of course, as soon as you do, three more will spawn in random places possibly blocking the path again – this can be very frustrating. Slow un-skippable boat movement and skipping music problems add to an overall uninspiring experience. Due to needing to guess which way a free lily will drift I didn’t find puzzle mode any more agreeable. - SR
Another match 3 variation. In this one, you make matches by swapping any flower with any other flower or a blank space, such that it makes a match of 3+. Unfortunately, this wasn't too clear from the instructional images. After I got it, things flowed well. You make your matches to open up spaces so that a little boat can get elsewhere on the map. The little boat moves around the map picking up artifacts or making deliveries along the shore. Once you collect enough artifacts, the exit lights up and the boat goes there. There are some fun little details in the game, like penguins that move when you mouse over them, and as previously mentioned, the deliveries. Though it uses the same mechanics, it at least adds some sense of depth to game. Nice.- MK


Titan Assault
(May 15)