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2005 Independent Game Mid-Terms

As we have reached the mid-way point in 2005 Game Tunnel takes a moment to pause and look back at the first six months and how things are going in the Indie gaming world with our yearly Mid-Term Report Card.  While the number of Indie titles seems to be growing at an astronomical rate is the quality of Indie games also improving? 

We take a look at each of the categories and break them down with report-card styled grades and a look at the best two games that each genre has to offer (listed in alphabetical order, we're not getting ahead of our year-end article).  Want to know the whole scoop?  Just keep reading!  You can also use the report card to the right to navigate the entire article.


As is commonly the case, Indie games tend to show their stuff in the Action Category.  There are few places outside of the Independent Gaming world where you can find quick action games like the arcade games of yesteryear.  Those yearning for the arcade experience, without having to plop in all the quarters should not miss out on this year's offerings, which are highlighted by the games below in addition to more mainstream offerings like Dark Horizons: Lore Invasion.  Overall Grade: A-

Clash 'N' Slash

Why is it that simple things are often the most entertaining?  In Clash'N'Slash you control a single ship trying to save your planet from an endless alien onslaught!  Originality at its best!  The game play though is quite different than your typical shooter.  The ship stays in a tight orbit around your planet moving as you direct it and blasting the enemies.  A good number of planet