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June 2005 Printer Friendly Page

June 2005 Indie Game Monthly Round-Up

(by The Illustrious Panel - TIP)

Scoring Scale:

10 - Perfection 5 - Below Average
9 - Nearly Flawless 4 - Way Below Average
8 - Way Above Average 3 - Quite Poor
7 - Above Average 2 - Terrible
6 - Average 1 - Just Unbelievably Bad
Game of the Month:
Mexican Motor Mafia
Award Winners This Month:

Average score of 9 or above

Average score of 8 or above

Average score of 7 or above
Mexican Motor Mafia Ultratron Outer-Rim Pod Digger
Heli Attack 3
Magic Blackboard


(June 11)

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by Puppy Games

Nice style, good gameplay, bad controls. There's not much to this game, but that is pretty appropriate for an arcade game (and it is only $10). Why can't I aim with the mouse? I understand I am limited to 8 directions. Let me aim those 8 directions with my mouse, please. Or at least support a gamepad, or dual stick. After some getting used to the controls, it's a fun and addictive mindless arcade blast. - MH
This is a further evolved Puppytron Ė A lot of improvements have been made including new enemies, new sounds, a full screen mode, and a clear and more interesting level progression. Overall, the game has been made easier; I reached the last level on my first game. But with a game like this itís not about the levels; itís about the final score! - SR
Puppytron revisited, now Ultra. Visually, it's great. A unique arcade sprite graphics style blended together with glows, particle effects, and spot lights. For a game with a lot of bright neon colors, it really feels dark. From the low ambient rumblings to sharp digital blips, beeps, honks, and an evil computer voice spewing death threats; Aurally, it's bang on. Heck yeah, I think it's a great game. No, it's not the huge 200,000 hour monster 3D shooter that redefines the genre, blah blah. It's how to redo an arcade classic. - MK


Outer-Rim Pod Digger
(June 4)

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by Photonik Games

I have to say, this game would definitely earn a 7/10 if not for one overwhelming mind-boggling flaw. It uses password save. Yes folks, in 2005, on a PC, you have to WRITE DOWN A PASSWORD to continue your game from where you left off. Did you know that even Gameboy games don't do this anymore? There's a very good reason. Anyway, despite that, the game itself is good. The comparisons to Lemmings are obvious, just without the real-time and pixel-level precision, and thus the associated fiddliness. But boy, are those bubblemen creepy with their red eyes. - MH
Lemmings meets Dig Dug. This is a neat logic game where you dig and place objects before letting out marshmallow men who need to get to a rocket ship. The difficulty level doesnít seem too high so the absence of level solutions or a way to skip a level might not be a deal-breaker. Gripes: Write down my password? Thatís so NES era. Needs an undo button and a way to speed up slow sequences. - SR
Cool! It's like Chu Chu Rocket, but with gravity and an alien race of Michelin Men. What I really like is how you buy parts from a list, versus Lemmings or The Incredible Machine that give you fixed number of parts or skills to solve a puzzle. You still have a fixed list of what can be purchased each level, and a fixed income, but it's an opportunity to let players be a little more creative in later levels. And what can I say; you get a big launch button to push when you finish. It's a gimmick for sure, but suits the game perfectly. Compared to Chu Chu, it feels easier, and I think that's a good thing. I like it. - MK


(June 10)

by Surrealix
I first want to give a big thanks to this game for the helpful tip: "Increase your points for a high score". That completely opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at the world! Secondly, I want to say it is insanely difficult to control your paddle in this game. I don't know what system would be easier for a radial breakout game, but what they had was