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August 2005 Printer Friendly Page

August 2005 Indie Game Monthly Round-Up

(by The Illustrious Panel - TIP)

Scoring Scale:

10 - Perfection 5 - Below Average
9 - Nearly Flawless 4 - Way Below Average
8 - Way Above Average 3 - Quite Poor
7 - Above Average 2 - Terrible
6 - Average 1 - Just Unbelievably Bad
Game of the Month:
Water Bugs
Award Winners This Month:

Average score of 9 or above

Average score of 8 or above

Average score of 7 or above
  Water Bugs War World: Tactical Combat
Evil Invasion
Desperate Space
Bricks of Atlantis


Water Bugs
(August 23)

by Retro64

This is absolutely the tiniest conceivable improvement over Cosmo Bots. Cosmo Bots was a great game, and thus this is too. There are only two real significant differences, which I shall express in rhyme: the robot bugs are cuter, and there are more bugs de la computer. The latter is what brings this down to an 8 from the original's 9 (if not for the problems, this would be just slightly superior to the original game). It's lots of little bugs, like in collision detection and how things get filled and such. A couple levels are actually broken to begin with, like one with a missing border in one part, and another with a lobster stuck out in space spinning crazily. It's definitely still playable and fun though. - MH
Remember Cosmo Bots from the November round-up? This is literally that game with a water theme. The different areas now each have a unique background and impart a better sense of progress. Itís addictive and fun, my only grievance is I find myself loathing the wide-open levels because I have to wait an eternity to shoot. Beautiful smooth and fluid graphical effects. - SR
Yummy crunchy water bugs. Mmmm. A sequel to Retro64's Cosmo Bots, but you already knew that. I can't put my finger on it, but I swear there's something different about this sequel I like more than the original. Perhaps it's just that I'm still in awe how they actually turned Qix in to a fun game. - MK


War World: Tactical Combat
(August 1)

by Third Wave Games

Does size really matter? The developers from Third Wave Games seem to think otherwise - in War World, your mechanical fighters are only three meters tall, mere dwarves in comparison with their giant brothers from typical mech games. This international team lead by former Rare employees created a hybrid of lightning-fast action and tactical game play, making War World a title possibly interesting to both FPS gamers and old school mech aficionados. All in all, the graphics are almost impeccable, and without the annoying Windows cursor used to navigate through the main menu, it wouldn't be hard to convince yourself that you're playing a very pretty-looking console game. - DF

War World is a gorgeous mech themed FPS that letís you customize your bot and then take him into a frantically paced battle reminiscent of Unreal Tournament. The single player experience is pretty basic so youíll want to get online for the real fun. Gripes: All levels are outdoor and fairly simplistic, no doors or lifts to interact with. - SR
This month's Mech themed 3D shooter. Graphically, the game's on par with those in the Unreal Tournament series. If I had to compare this against Lore, I'd easily take this one. You play from the 3rd person, and it controls well, but something about the aiming didn't seem right. I'm likely just rusty, and looking to blame the game. The weapon setup interface is nice, allowing you to equip and upgrade your Mech between missions. But, well, the allure of 3D shooters seems to be wearing off on me. My time around the development a certain EA franchise has certainly lessened my interest in them. Yup. - MK