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Independent Game of the Year (Posted Dec 30, 2003) Printer Friendly Page

Independent Game of the Year!!!

The whole enchilada.  What was the best independent video game this year?  The Reviewers at Game Tunnel have been working through over 100 games this year to come up with the answer to this question.   We narrowed the results down to 18 finalists and then each reviewer ordered the finalists from 1-18.  Only the top 10 games are listed below.  Each of the games below is more than worth your time, and several have been winners in other categories in the end of the year awards this year.  You'll see the final score that each game received just after the write-up on the game.  In addition, I've shown where each of the 4 judges 1st-Place votes went, as I think it helps show just how varied/similar the judges voting was.

Alright, we've got all the meaningless out of the way!!!  Let the fun begin, with the 10th best Independent game this year.


10th Place

Demonstar: SM2 [by Mountain King]

Price: $24.95

Our Review

Windows System Requirements:
DirectX 5, 200mhz cpu, 32MB Ram, Win95,98,98SE,ME,2K,XP

Mountain King has become known over the years for creating some of the best Independent games on the market.  This year was no different as two similar though different games came out.  The first was Demonstar:  Secret Missions part 1, and the second was Demonstar:  Seceret Missions Part 2.  Not a lot changed between the two games, which was a good thing.  The same great graphics and 2-player simultaneous game play exists in both games. 

Demonstar hails back to the days of Raiden, and other classic shooters and proves that a 2D engine can still deliver fantastic results when properly used.  If you haven't played this game, you definitely need to give it a run.  This is a game that was built for two people to play it, just like Demonstar: SM1 was.  The game has great graphics and will certainly please those looking for a cool top-scrolling shooter.

The main thing that this game offers over Demonstar: SM1, is in my opinion, better, more interesting looking levels, and a much better sound track. (which is saying a lot, as the first soundtrack wasn't bad).  A great non-stop action game for those looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon with a friend.

Score:  10.0

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