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Chat with Oddlabs about Tribal Trouble Printer Friendly Page

Tribal Trouble is an up-coming game from Oddlabs.  We recently had the opportunity to chat with them about how things were going on the game, and where things were currently at.  Here is a little look into a very different looking RTS.

First off, can you give us a little background about Oddlabs and the team working on Tribal Trouble?

The team behind Oddlabs has actually existed for about three years, and it is only recently we went public and therefore needed a name. Initially, we wanted to do a MMOG in the Sims Online style, and we had 10 people on the team. Much has happened since then - most importantly, we are now four people and have simplified and changed our initial idea a lot. We're all Computer Science students from the University of Southern Denmark, and use all our spare time to develop Tribal Trouble. Right now, we're mostly focused on finding a replacement for our 3D artist that recently quit because of lack of time. Also, we're in the process of raising venture capital to complete the game and maybe even get paid doing so. A local government funded entity is showing some interest, but we haven't decided on anything yet.

With so many RTS games out there, and many people feeling that there is little life left in the genre, what made you decide to make Tribal Trouble an RTS?

From a retail point of view, there might not be that many opportunities left, but coming from the indie market we feel there's a lot of potential for indie RTS games. We consider ourselves former hardcore gamers with too little time for complex games and we're bored with the traditional indie puzzle games. That's why Oddlabs is creating an RTS with simplicity, humor and ease of use in mind. Only time will tell if we're correct of course.

What aspects of Tribal Trouble set it apart from other RTS games already available?