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Q & A about Pow Pow's Great Adventure with developer Chris Evans Printer Friendly Page

Pow Pow's Great Adventure is an up-coming game from Outside the Box Software due out in just a few weeks.  We recently sent a few questions Chris Evans about how things were going on the game, and where things were currently at.  Here are a few of his thoughts about what looks to be a very promising game.

1. Who is Outside the Box Software and the team that worked on Pow Pow's Great Adventure?

Well, Outside the Box Software is made up of one full-time developer, which is me (Chris Evans) and several freelance developers. The freelance developers include; Pascal Vellet who did all the 2D character and intro/ending illustrations. Fernando Arce who composed all the music and Erik Asorson who did the 3D boss models.

I did the programming, game design, and any other misc. work.


2. For those unfamiliar with Pow Pow's Great Adventure, how do you describe it to them?

I describe it as a fairly fast paced platformer with classic 2D gameplay with a unique blend of 2D/3D graphics.


3. What influenced you to create Pow Pow's Great Adventure?

The gameplay was inspired by 16 bit console platformers, in particular Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic the Hedgehog’s gameplay was very straight forward. Yes, you could collect coins and a few items, but the primary goal was to progress forward to the end of the stage while choosing multiple paths.

Pow Pow is similar in that there’s less emphasis on treasure hunting and more about forward progression. The items you choose and the paths you take help lead you forward to your goal.


4. There are quite a few critically acclaimed platformers that have come out lately in both the mainstream world (such as Viewtiful Joe) and the indie world (such as Gish). Do you take time to play these games as they come out?

I just recently played Viewtiful Joe. The little bit I was able to play, I thought was really good. However,