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October 2004 (Part II) Printer Friendly Page

October 2004 Indie Game Monthly Round-Up
(Part I)

(by The Illustrious Panel - TIP)

Scoring Scale:

1 - Just Unbelievably Bad
2 - Terrible
3 - Quite Poor
4 - Way Below Average
5 - Below Average
6 - Average
7 - Above Average
8 - Way Above Average
9 - Nearly Flawless
10 - Perfection
Award Winners This Month:

Average score of 9 or above

Average score of 8 or above

Average score of 7 or above
There were no Editor's Choice awards given in October Snowy: Space Trip
Little Soldiers
Cactus Bruce

Rocket Bowl
Ricochet: Recharged
Void War

Trivia Machine
Kid Mystic
Super Gerball

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Little Soldiers
(October 4)
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by Phelios

A good logic puzzle game with cute graphics (reminiscent of Metal Slug even), but with its PDA roots showing clearly. The main complaint I have is that the control scheme is awkward. I can see why it's this way instead of a gamepad type of scheme, but a little pathfinding would help. Having to click 8 times to cross an area with no dangers in it seems excessive. In addition, it seems to throw new gameplay elements at you without any explanation, leaving you to do some guesswork. However, the tricky puzzles were pretty fun to solve anyway. - MH

Great game. It's similar to a game I was doing for Neo Geo Pocket a few years back (unfinished and more of an RPG like however), but with elements from Rockford/Boulder Dash, which just happens to be a fantastic combination I hadn't considered. The interface with a mouse (unlike a joypad I had) flows extremely well, and the graphics and sound are good. Me like. - MK

To call Little Soldiers a Lemmings clone with guns would be an insult to just how great a game Little Soldiers is, besides, I'm sure someone else on the panel has already said it. The graphics aren't the greatest, and in fact it's easy to miss important gameplay elements in the somewhat busy brick layouts, but they're more than adequate. The levels are extremely fun, even if they can be frustrating for someone who can't plan ahead, such as your truly. Giving a perfect 10 to a game with numerous technical and design problems? Sure, why not, today we're going to just say that 1 + 1 = 3. Sometimes a game is not necessarily the sum of it's parts, and in the case of Little Soldiers it's much greater than the sum of it's parts. Thank (insert random deity here) for Little Soldiers, it helps the pain caused by other games go away. - GM

This is a logic game with sharp pixel work that reminds me of the metal slug series. One thing that really stands out is the amazingly good sound effects. Controls are perfect, down to being able to ‘grab’ and move the screen on large levels. (which do get pretty big) The chain reactions are a lot of fun. Game might be a bit small. - SR


Rock'n'Roll 2004! Return of the King
(October 18)