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Puzzle Game of the Year (Posted Dec 14, 2004) Printer Friendly Page

2004 Puzzle Game of the Year

If there is one thing that Indie gaming does better than anyone else, it is the puzzle genre.  This years finalists are no different, as they represent a great group of puzzle games.  This year's puzzle category again was the most difficult to rate and multiple times we had deadlocked into giving out two number one awards.  However, we wanted to finish with just one champion, so eventually we had to break the deadlock, which is somewhat sad because these games are so good!

5th Place - Treasure Fall

Developer: Mountain King Players: 1
Release: December 2003 Download Now!
System Requirements: 200mhz, Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP, DirectX 1+, 64mb RAM

Last year Mountain King was in the running for several awards with their very solid shooters from the Demonstar Series.  However things have been changing in indie games, and so even the mighty Mountain King has gone to making a puzzle game to try and help move their business forward.  If you know anything about Mountain King you immediately will realize that them doing a puzzle game means that the puzzle genre was about to get a cool looking and playing puzzle game.

Treasure Fall actually plays fairly simply, with the goal of the game being to create a row or column of 3 of the same type of icon.  The game play is something that you will find elsewhere, but Treasure Fall expands on it with some really cool special pieces and an overall theme that just cannot be beat.  The music is fantastic and the fantasy theme will go a long ways towards giving you something fun to play right after you finish getting through your new Lord of the Rings Extended Version Return of the King DVD.  For those who have always thought of puzzle games as a lame affair, Treasure Fall may just change your mind.

Our Review:
"If puzzle games are girl games, then Treasure Fall isn't a puzzle game.  Or perhaps this is the first puzzle game for guys."

4th Place - Little Soldie