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Best Sound of the Year (Posted Dec 24, 2004) Printer Friendly Page

2004 Best Sound in an Indie Game of the Year Award

The 2004 award for Best Sound in an Indie game was a difficult award to determine.  Sound awards, much like graphic awards are really in the eye of the beholder (or in this case in the ear of the beholder).  What one person may see as spectacular, others may not feel is up to par.  With that in mind, selecting a winner for this award means putting ourselves under scrutiny.  However, the five finalists for this award were all solid games in addition to being extremely strong in their sound, so without further ado, we happily present the finalists and winners for the 2004 award for best sound in an indie game.

5th Place - KaiJin

Developer: Phelios Players: 1
Release: March 2004 Download Now!
System Requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP, 128 MB RAM, openGL acceleration, 16MB VRAM

KaiJin is a throw-back overhead shooter that will definitely appeal to those who yearn for the glory of overhead shooters from the past.  The game reminded me in many ways of the classic Dragon Spirit, which is another game you should definitely check out if for some reason you are lacking in that area of your video game history.

Where KaiJin really excels, much like Dragon Spirit is in creating a very strong unique feel through the use of stylized graphics and very strong music.  The theme in KaiJin is oriental, and the music is a wonderful array of oriental sounding tracks that are more than worth of a juke-box feature like was available in the console editions of Dragon Spirit.  The sound is more than enough reason to play this game, and you'll find that the graphics, while not quite on par with the sound, offer a very strong Japanese feel to them that helps this game to transport you to another world.

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