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November 2004 Printer Friendly Page

November 2004 Indie Game Monthly Round-Up

(by The Illustrious Panel - TIP)

Scoring Scale:

1 - Just Unbelievably Bad
2 - Terrible
3 - Quite Poor
4 - Way Below Average
5 - Below Average
6 - Average
7 - Above Average
8 - Way Above Average
9 - Nearly Flawless
10 - Perfection
Award Winners This Month:

Average score of 9 or above

Average score of 8 or above

Average score of 7 or above
On the Oche
Revenge of the Chicken
Soda Pipes
Super DX Ball


(November 14)

by Rake in Grass

I love this game! It is WAY too hard. That is my criticism. Well, also it’s a little cryptic, dropping you right into the shopping interface, which could be much easier to follow. But once you figure that out (which isn’t nearly as bad as many other games I’ve had the misfortune of reviewing), you’re in for very intense, very fun shooter action with gorgeous graphics. And the shopping is great too, with a variety of nifty weapons and, due to the difficulty, a puzzle of sorts to figure out what weapons you can equip just to survive. - MH

This aptly named scrolling shooter will fill your every orifice with jets ‘n guns as advertised. (Orifices of your ship) At one time I considered myself pretty skilled at 2d shooters but this game reduced me to tears so I set the difficulty to “Easy” for the first time, well, pretty much ever. One tip is be sure to click the start mission button and don’t fly for ten minutes in the ‘weapon testing area’ like some moron I won’t mention did. Oh, and it’s a fantastic game with great graphics and music. - SR

Holy Majumbo! An awesome looking 2D shooter, with one of the finest game soundtracks I've heard in a long time. Ok, the soundtracks by Machinae Supremacy, and I am a bit of a fan of their music, so I'm totally biased. :D. The killing is satisfying, not to sound uncivilized. It's great to watch enemy aircraft dive into obstacles, enemy soldiers, or chemical waste bins (drugs!?), in turn causing explosions and more chaos. Main beef is it's INCREDIBLY HARD! Beating the first level on medium was a task best left to insane shmup-a-holics, which makes me wonder who hard difficulty is for. It sports beautiful particle effects (if not overly used), awesome production values, and did I mention I really like the soundtrack? First Impression 10 (Awesome), Lasting Impression 8 (Hard, and it wouldn't be fair to let a soundtrack by a favorite band completely decide the score of a game). - MK


Revenge of the Chicken
(November 18)

by Oxxo Media

Fun, very well presented, but really pointless. This is definitely not a bad game, in fact it's a good game, but it really pushes the mindlessness of arcade play to the limit, testing your dexterity well, but not laying a finger on your other mental faculties. Don't forget the part about it being fun though. It's rather good, but not great. - MH

Despite the name it's a rather tame game that plays a lot like Centipede. Given the general indie fascination with Breakout/Arkanoid clones, it's nice to see another classic that I've all but forgotten. It's well produced with nice cartoony art and music. The controls work (mouse based). It has an interesting special shot that actually aligns the shots vertically with your character (although I thought it was a bug at first). Not a lot of variety or depth to the gameplay, but it's nice for a short little romp. First Impression 6, Lasting Impression 6 (Chicken). - MK

If Road Runner and Centipede had a baby (and drank a lot during the pregnancy) this would be the result. It’s a well done mouse-controlled arcade game that packs enough power-ups and levels to keep you interested. I ended up liking this much more than I thought I would. Beware of carpal tunnel syndrome. - SR


Roads Of Fantasy
(November 17)

by Gamemaster's Group
Technical issues, crashed upon clicking "Start Game". - MH
In this game you move around a ball to go under gates and touch a pole to complete each level. I passed seven or so ‘levels’, each in under fifteen seconds and then abruptly was kicked back to windows and given a “register to see more stuff” message. Huh? The levels I saw are just far too small and simple and the fact that the ball is lacking basic physics stops this from being interesting at all. I mean, if you park the ball on the sharpest angle you can find, you won’t roll down. Experienced some bugs. - SR