Since this work is RPG McVV work, the following functions can be used.

F4: Screen Entry / Unlock Entire

Orthodox RPG.

Preparing the equipment in town
Unlock the trick of a labyrinth with crystal
Battle with enemies with magic and skill
I will know about myself.

It is RPG of such common dot picture.

· Powerful boss to protect crystal is emerging

· There is a secret room in the dungeon

· Solve problems and mysteries such as keys and switches

· And the story reaches one end

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Asteion Nights

During the battle, not only ally characters but also enemy characters,
there is a movement's motion is a feature work. For each character,
there is SP in addition to HP, MP, and you can activate powerful deathblows and skills by consuming the accumulating SP by acting.

Skill and magic can be acquired by level up.
You can acquire each character by satisfying the condition, also Special Moves ...

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