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Athenian Acropolis

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The Acropolis in Athens, Greece is not only one of the greatest tourist destinations on earth, it is home to ancient buildings of great historical, cultural and architectural significance. Experience it now!

Lithodomos VR has painstakingly recreated the Acropolis and Parthenon, allowing you to step back in time and visit, and explore, the Acropolis in all of its original splendour and glory. You will explore deep into the Acropolis and interact with its artefacts to hear their stories and get a view of the site that has not been possible for thousands of years.

You start your journey in the 1st Century BC. You are making your way to the Panathenaic festival. This festival was the key religious event in ancient Athens, and it attracted people from all parts of the Greek world.

As you arrive you are greeted by the spoils of war, a crowd of statues and dedications. You interact with them to understand their own history. You will feel the freedom of exploring all parts of this amazing site at your own leisure.

At the end of your journey, you will have travelled back in time to the cradle of western civilisation and have had a view of Ancient Greece that has long since passed.

This Lithodomos VR experience is not just engaging and entertaining, but is a valuable educational tool of great historical significance. Every detail has been researched and approved and is backed-up by archaeological evidence. If you can’t travel to Greece, or travel back in time, then this is the most important cultural experience you can have.

Fun Facts: Most of the best marbles of the Parthenon were taken to London in the early 19th century by Lord Elgin, where they (controversially) remain. With this Lithodomos VR experience you can turn back time, and see the marbles back in Athens where they belong.

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Athenian Acropolis

Lithodomos VR has painstakingly recreated the Athenian Acropolis and the Parthenon. Explore the Acropolis, come face to face with its artefacts to hear their stories, and get a view of this incredibly powerful site that has not been possible for thousands of years.

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