Have you ever seen a cockroach? And did you imagine that it could be a gigantic size? No? Then rather run "Attack Of Insects"!

The game is waiting for you:
2 game modes. (1. Classical mode by waves) (2. Madness for real metal lovers, fight insects of any complexity at the same time)
Level and capacity leveling system. (Get experience in battles and for every new level you get, pump up your skills!) (You can even get your own hand-held insect that will help you in battle :3 )
Store weapons. (Earn money in battle, to buy new and improve old weapons, show all your power!) (Put holes in the beetles with a machine gun! Rise them with a laser cannon! Tear them into pieces with a shotgun! Make them porridge with a rocket launcher! And if you’re a real gourmet, then make them fry them with plasma!)
Different maps. (Play on existing maps, earn money, and buy new maps!)

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Attack Of Insects

Love insects? And insects that are two or even ten times more than you? If you love, then - it's fine, you will definitely be pleased with our insects. And if you do not love, then you will be happy, because you have to shoot on insects and watch them fly apart!

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