Audio Beats is about to release the official version on new year coming.

This version contains the complete Game play part for players to experience.

This version contains the top 6 tracks in the first original album.

The official version will update the song content and game function regularly.

Please enjoy, and thank you for all the support,happy holidays !

About the Game

Audio Beats is a kind of traditional rhythm game,players can go with the rhythm of the music to beat the oncoming note.

Core Gameplay

The flying orbs indicate rhythm of the music,when an orb touches the hexagon areas, knock the panels to crash it!

There are three types of the note: single, long key and the direction key.

Good timing makes higher score.

There are 3 kinds of difficulty with every song:Easy、Normal、Hard.

Unique Details

In order to distinguish the other VR rhythm game,we put the determine ponit in front of a distance,and put the hitting panel by the side. Players will be better to judge and hit.

We use a very sophisticated collision algorithm and nested logic to analyze the player’s actions,in order to achieve the different types of Note hit.

We use the traditional music game production process. From the production of the song to the arrangement of note all by professional musicians and senior players to complete.

Latest News

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Audio beats is a tribute to the classic VR rhythm game,serve the core player for music game types.If you are traditional rhythm game users who seeking for hit experience and difficulty,this game will be perfect for you.

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