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Here’s more incredible looking GT Sport GIFs

Team VVV: “We can’t get enough of these beautiful animated GIFs originating from the GT Sport closed beta. Our latest batch once more showcases the incredible accuracy of the title: the cars just look right thanks to believable weight, the way the car’s suspension rides bumps and the lighting, at certain times of day, just looks fantastic.” [Source: ]

Facial Animations Are The Least Of Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Problem – GameRaven writes: ”Bioware should be happy people are focusing on Mass Effect: Andromedas odd facial animations. Weve seen the memes, read the jokes and chuckled at the videos, but its the least of the games problems.” [Source: ]

Destiny 2 Will Have Timed Exclusive Content On PS4 Until Late 2018; More Details Coming This Summer

ThisGenGaming says “As rumored, Sony have exclusive content and advertising rights with the new trailer revealing interesting details.” [Source: ]

Nintendo: We Prioritized Improved Response Over Making Zelda: Breath of the Wild Prettier

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Art Director stated that the team prioritized improved response (frame rate) over making the game prettier during development. This is probably the closest Nintendo will get to acknowledging the graphics downgrade from the original E3 2014 trailer. [Source: ]

Take a Look at How Mass Effect’s Graphics Have Changed Through the Years

Alex from Twinfinite writes “Andromeda’s ability to render dazzling explosions, razor-sharp textures and vibrant lighting effects should mark a generational leap in quality, despite the much-discussed controversy over Andromeda’s facial animations. In light of these supposed shortcomings, we’ve compiled images spanning different in-game scenarios across the entire Mass Effe...

Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Details 28th Mar – 3rd Apr 2017

Neil writes “The month of March is coming to an end and April will soon be in full swing. That probably means payday is just around the corner too and so where better to spend your latest wages than with the new Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight sale? Take a look at the full list of bargains available for both Xbox One and Xbox 360 players between the 28th March and 3rd April 2017. It&...

Horizon Zero Dawn Review – Average Xbox Gamer

Horizon: Zero Dawn released this week. We take a look and give you our opinion on whether or not your should give it a miss or give it a try [Source: ]

PS4 Overwatch Troll Extorts Money From Teammates And Blizzard Says It’s Not Their Problem

Overwatch is available for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, but console community management leaves something to be desired. A Blizzard forum poster detailed his frustrating experience with a troll that stated “Send me cash or I’ll throw” and the complete lack of systems to report and ban toxic players. [Source: ]

New Switch update out now (version 2.1.0)

Switchs first system update since launch is now available for download. [Source: ]

[NSFW] NieR: Automata Nude Mod Featuring 2B Surfaces

LewdGamer writes: “The first mod introducing partial nudity for PlatinumGames’ NieR: Automata has surfaced and it’s no surprise it features the lovely 2B.” [Source: ]

Why Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Became A Stand-Alone Expansion

Game Informer: “Naughty Dog tells us why the team decided to make Lost Legacy a stand-alone title separate from Uncharted 4.” [Source: ]

Under $20 sale on 1st party PS4 games

Several 1st party published games on the PlayStation 4 are currently on sale with Bloodborne (Physical) dropping to $17.00, DriveClub (Physical) to $12.30, Tearaway Unfolded (Physical) to $15.30, God of War III Remastered (Digital) to $5.99, Until Dawn (Digital) to $9.99. [Source: ]

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