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SoulCalibur VI Reveals Ivy and Zasalamel as Playable Characters with Trailers and Screenshots

Ivy and Zasalamel return to SoulCalibur VI for PS4, Xbox One, and PC to rejoin the battle in the new chapter of Bandai Namco’s fighting series. [Source: ]

How Bluehole Can Save PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is experiencing its first significant drop in players since its early access launch, but there are some steps Bluehole and PUBG Corporation can take to avoid any major drops beyond the inevitable. [Source: ]

Who Should Disney Consider For Future Star Wars Games?

The universe is vast, and the rewards, great. [Source: ]

January NPD 2018: Monster Hunter even slays beasts like Call of Duty and PUBG

2018 is off to a good start for the gaming industry. Revenues in January were up 59 percent year-over-year and generated $1.096 billion, according to the industry-tracking firm The NPD Group. [Source: ]

On the Controversy of Ethnic Representation in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

BacklogCritic: “One of the most controversial issues surrounding KC:D is the absence of people of colour as NPCs and the stances on the issue by the games director, Daniel Vávra, whose reputation as blunt-spoken is widely known and reported in connection with the Gamergate controversy. Some find it very difficult to separate the creator from his creation, which is understandable but should n...

The Last of Us Part II Director: Next Naughty Dog Game “Might Not Be Third-Person”

The Last of Us Part II Creative Director Neil Druckmann talks about possibilities for Naughty Dog’s next games, and a third-person perspective is not set in stone. [Source: ]

I cant believe were still blaming video games in 2018

Polygon’s Ben Kuchera writes: We dont need to give up the First Amendment to protect the Second. Republican Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin used last weeks shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, as an excuse to argue that the First Amendment protections on speech are important but maybe less important than the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. [Source: po...

January 2018 NPD: Switch leads console sales; PlayStation 4 is No. 1 for revenues

More people bought Nintendo Switch consoles than Xbox One or PlayStation 4 systems in January in the U.S., but consumers spent more money on Sonys system, according to industry-intelligence firm The NPD Group. Dont worry about the Xbox One, though it had its best January ever. [Source: ]

Burnout Paradise Remastered – First Official Screenshots

Electronic Arts has released the first official screenshots for Burnout Paradise Remastered [Source: ]

Microsoft: “Representation isn’t just good common sense, it’s good business sense”

At the DICE Summit today, Phil Spencer urged the industry to pursue diversity and inclusivity or risk missing out on the growth opportunities to come. [Source: ]

New PUBG Skirt Takes an Average of 125 Years to Unlock

Unreasonably odds for the new PUBG loot box items. [Source: ]

GameWatcher Plays Final Fantasy XV PC in Maximum Settings, in FPS, with Mouse & Keyboard controls!

From GameWatcher: “Final Fantasy XV, the latest game in the long-running franchise, is coming to PC next month at long last. We got to play an hour of the Windows Edition early and wanted to do something unique to the PC version, so we played Final Fantasy 15 on PC in Max Settings, with Mouse and Keyboard, in First-Person Mode. Thats with all the Nvidia stuff on too.” [Source: gamewatc...

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