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Dominos is making fun of the Diablo Immortal reveal to sell pizza

A Facebook post from Domino’s Pizza states “This is not an out-of-season April Fool’s joke” in reference to Diablo Immortal [Source: ]

Phil Spencer Talks About the Future of Xbox

LevelUp: “We interviewed Phil Spencer at X018.” [Source: ]

PUBG Coming to PS4 on December 7

Posted by Joon H. Choi Development Project Manager – Hey everyone, today we are thrilled to unveil the exciting announcement that PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds is officially coming to PlayStation 4! Bringing PUBG to the PS4 has been an ambitious project for us, and we are beyond thrilled to finally be sharing this news with the world. [Source: ]

The Game Awards 2018 nominees announced

The nominees are in for The Game Awards 2018. [Source: ]

Nintendo ‘Wins’ $12 Million From Pirate ROM Site Operators

The owners of now-defunct ROM sites and have agreed to a $12 million judgment in favor of Nintendo. The operators, a married couple, admit to both direct and indirect copyright and trademark infringement. Both parties requested the court to sign off on this unusual judgment, which will end their legal battle. [Source: ]

Diablo Immortal Trailer Has Third Highest YouTube Dislike Percentage of All Time

Diablo Immortal dislikes train on YouTube has reached fever pitch. The trailer now has the third highest dislike percentage of all time! [Source: ]

Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6 Will Not Get a New Graphics Engine

From GameWatcher: “Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI may be pretty far away from an actual release, but that doesn’t mean they’re not subject to hype. The latest buzz, however, is a bit of a downer, and it relates to Bethesda’s proprietary Creation Engine.” [Source: ]

Microsofts New Studio Acquisitions Show How Much Xbox Has Changed

From Kotaku: It came as a mild surprise when Microsoft announced Saturday that it was purchasing not just one but two mid-sized studios with a focus on role-playing games. But as strange as it seems on the surface, the deal makes perfect sense for all three parties. [Source: ]

South Park is not suing Activision over Call of Duty’s Blackout mode, but they totally should

Everyone has been impressed with the Black Ops 4, but did Activision steal ideas from the infamous South Park? You be the judge. [Source: ]

Russian Gamers Outraged By Battlefield V Producer’s Statement About USSR Inclusion

David Sirland apologizes for the misunderstanding after enfurious fans start #ApologizeforUSSR flash mob. [Source: ]

Crackdown 3’s Cloud-Powered Multiplayer Is Real and We Finally Played It – IGN

The long-awaited Xbox exclusive is finally almost here, and so is its “power of the cloud” fueled multiplayer destruction. [Source: ]

Obsidian Joining Microsoft Was “Absolutely Critical” to Keep Studio Alive

From GameWatcher: “Following the buzz about the Obsidian Microsoft deal that we’ve been hearing about over the past few weeks, many of us have been wondering what the truth behind the Microsoft Obsidian buyout is, and how the devs themselves are looking at it. Well, in a recent video, Obsidian staff have come out to officially confirm that it did, indeed, happen, and to try and answer ...

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