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3 Thoughts on Gay Tracer and Her Lady Lover

Overwatch’s Tracer is gay or bisexual, confirmed by Blizzard. This is a great thing overall, but not without some weird side notes.[Source: ]

Michael Pachter PS4 Price Will Drop to $199 in 2017

“Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter has turned in his 2017 industry predictions ahead of the new year, claiming that Sony will reduce the asking price of the standard PS4 (i.e. the Slim model) to $199 by December 31, 2017.”By James Brightman[Source: ]

Reactions to Gay Characters is Why We Need More Gay Heroes

Why does Blizzard, and Overwatch hate Christmas i ask you? With the newest web comic of Overwatch, Blizzard reveals their first opening gay character, and people are flipping out. With the negative reactions to the lovable Tracer coming out of the fictional closet and in a lesbian relationship. Proves why the gaming industry needs more gay heroes. Overwatch is out for PC, PlayStation 4 (PS4), and ...

First supported games and audio modes revealed for PlayStation 4 Platinum Wireless Headset

The Headset Companion App has been updated to 2.00, adding support for the upcoming PlayStation 4 Platinum Wireless Headset and revealing the first compatible games.[Source: ]

Rocksteady Hard at Work on Next Project; No Plans for Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Pro Patch

Rocksteady Studios, the British development team responsible for the Batman: Arkham series, is ‘very hard at work’ on its latest project, it has today confirmed.[Source: ]

Amazon Adds Last-Minute Game Deals for 12/22: Save Up to 60%

Online retailer Amazon has today added a wide range of titles as part of its pre-Christmas Last-Minute Deals promotion.[Source: ]

Tracer is gay! Take that gamers! – Most Gamers don´t have a problem with Tracer being a lesbian

Just recently Blizzard released a Christmas inspired “Overwatch” comic called “Tracer Reflections”, and in that comic, it became clear that Tracer is a lesbian. Well, that shouldn´t be a big deal right? True, but sadly enough some people started to state that Gamers are homophobic and that they hate Tracer now. So this is my (Robin Ek, TGG) take on the matter.[Source: thegg...

A Farewell to Wii U, the Game System for Nobody

Nintendo’s ill-fated sixth console is barely four years old, and it’s already dead.[Source: ]

Steam Is Down for Users Across the World

It looks like popular PC gaming platform, Steam, looks to be having a few technical issues right now as users across the world are struggling to access it.[Source: ]

Final Fantasy XV: Hajime Tabata Comments on Sales; Talks About Worldwide Release and Open World

Director Hajime Tabata was asked by the Japanese business site ITmedia Online to comment on the ration of sales between the Japan and overseas, and he mentioned that it is pretty much as expected, with sales in Japan that are pretty good considering the current situation of the local market.[Source: ]

Tracer Being Gay Is Ground-Breaking, But It’s Not Everything

Jasmine Henry writes: “Out of everyone, I have been one of the most skeptical when it comes to Overwatch’s LGBT characters. I’ve been very vocal about my doubts that Blizzard would ever make good on its promise to confirm which characters are LGBT, even expressing concerns that the company had changed its mind for fear of angering bigots. But boy, did they just prove me wrong....

NieR Automata Seems Like Yet Another Must Have PS4 Exclusive

Push Square: “Wow, the PlayStation 4’s on some run, eh? While many would argue the platform got off to a slow start it’s not necessarily a sentiment we agree with it’s unquestionably finding its feet these days, with the early half of 2017 bringing a cavalcade of exclusive content. And one of those titles is NieR Automata, the sequel to an oft-overlooked PlayStation 3 actio...

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