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GameSpot Review: Halo Wars 2

Halo Wars 2 carries forth enough of the series’ beloved elements to make any fan of Halo feel right at home at first, but not in the long run. Its palatable for those used to the FPS games, taking inspiration from favorite missions and putting a strategic spin on them; but just when things become more challenging and actually interesting, it runs out of steam. [Source: ]

PlayStation is desperate for Horizon Zero Dawn to cure its sequilitis

Why is Sony struggling to produce first-party IPs that stick? [Source: ]

Spencer Confident In What They Will Show At E3, Talks About Bringing More PC Games To Xbox One

Microsoft announced yesterday that it would be moving its E3 show from its traditional Monday morning spot to Sunday evening- it was an interesting change, as it now gives Microsoft its own day at E3 (previously, Sony’s conference would follow Microsoft’s a few hours later, with Nintendo getting the next day all to itself). [Source: ]

Horizon Zero Dawn Difficulty Level Impressions Revealed; Its Like A Dark Souls Game

ThisGenGaming says “Early players have revealed their impressions regarding Horizon’s difficulty with all of the players saying it’s a difficulty game even on Normal.” [Source: ]

Why the Horizon: Zero Dawn Leak Hurts Us All

Finding a store that will break street date and sell a game early may seem like a positive and exciting find. However, such action can have drastic and negative repercussions on everyone. [Source: ]

Bethesda Confirms E3 Press Conference on Sunday, 6/11: Imitation IS the Sincerest form of Flattery

Bethesda responds to Microsoft’s invasion of Sunday’s E3 press conference space with confirming their own presence. [Source: ]

Crash Bandicoot: N’ Sane Trilogy Launching In June, New Trailer Released

Josh from Start Replay says, “The original Crash Bandicoot trilogy stills holds up as my favourite set of childhood games. Finally, all three are remastered and releasing soon for PS4.” [Source: ]

Guerrilla Games is taking a break from Killzone, Lead Concept Artist Confirms

Lex from Sirus Gaming reports: “At the Horizon: Zero Dawn Preview Event in Shangri-La Makati, Sirus Gaming was able to sit down with Guerrilla Games Lead Concept Artist, Roland IJzermans. I asked if we are to expect another Killzone installment in the future”. [Source: ]

Horizon Zero Dawn Incredible In-Game Detail Showcased in PS4 Pro Screenshots

Guerrilla Games open world action RPG game Horizon Zero Dawn launches in a little under 14 days exclusively for PS4, and already its street date has been broken in some parts of the globe, with users beginning to share their experiences and screenshots online. [Source: ]

Someone got a Switch early, First Interface Footage

We still need to learn a lot about the Nintendo Switch, and there has been pretty good at keeping details secret from developers that already have a dev kit. It looks like it wont be the same case thanks to a delivery mistake. [Source: ]

NerdLeaks Published Info About Sony Santa Monica’s Cancelled IP

NerdLeaks comes back, with information about Santa Monica Studio’s Cancelled IP, thanks to a leak spotted on a former 3d designer website. [Source: ]

Xbox Going Big for E3 2017

There’s excitement and hype bubbling after a mysterious tweet from Xbox saying that they’re presentation is going to be BIG. [Source: ]

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