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Rocksteady is working on a game dedicated to Superman?

Rocksteady is currently working on a video game dedicated to Superman? And this is the rumor that was circulating in these hours, spread on Reddit by the user TheLeakguin.[Source: ]

Top Upcoming Xbox One Games of 2017

Top upcoming games for the Xbox One in 2017.[Source: ]

Star Citizen & Squadron 42 ditch CRYENGINE over Amazon’s Lumberyard Engine

Cloud Imperium Games announced today the company is using the Amazon Lumberyard game engine to create its ground-breaking space sim games, Star Citizen and Squadron 42. Both games are currently in development and are backed by a record-breaking $139 million crowd funded effort.[Source: ]

Shadow of Mordor PS4 Pro vs PS4 Analysis

Digital Foundry: Tom and Rich sit down to discuss the rather excellent improvements made to Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor on PS4 Pro. 1080p quality and 4K resolution modes? You got it. Oh, and thanks to John Linneman for the second copy of the game – and the dual-wield shots.[Source: ]

Amazon Christmas Eve Sale 2016 Highlight: 12/24

“With Christmas approaching us, Amazon has posted new game deals for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, 3DS and PS Vita for this Christmas Eve.”[Source: ]

Top 10 PS4 Game Deals : PlayStation Store Flash Sale

Yesterday Sony announced PlayStation Store Holiday Flash Sale for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita owners. All the discounts will last until December 26, 2016. Following are some of the best game deals available for PS4 according to us. You can check the full catalog here.[Source: ]

The Best Steam Winter Sale Deals You Shouldn’t Miss out On

Looking to nab the best games for the lowest prices during the Steam Winter Sale? Here’s your guide to the best deals this season with 15 of our favorites.[Source: ]

10 Awesome AAA Games That Never Got a Sequel

Nowadays when a AAA game is successful you can bet your bottom dollar it’ll get a sequel. Yet, for some reason, these awesome games sadly never did.[Source: ]

FFXV Character Designer Says Development Team Was Highly Disorganized; Talks About Art Changes

Final Fantasy XV Character Designer Roberto Ferrari said that the development team at Square Enix was highly disorganized while working on the game. He also talked about some character design changes happened after he left the team.[Source: ]

Xbox Store Adds Daily Deals for Christmas Eve

Microsoft has added a selection of titles to the Daily Deals section of its ongoing Countdown holidays sale, offering users savings of up to 80 percent.[Source: ]

Users Exploit Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare to Accrue Hundreds of Loot Boxes and All Rare Items

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s 12 Days of Winter in-game giveaway was temporarily halted yesterday, after users exploited a bug with day two’s reward to accrue up to tens of thousands of keys, which were then exchanged for hundreds of loot boxes.[Source: ]

Black & White 3 Kickstarter Is An Ungodly Sight

Dan Miller writes: “The developer seems to be under the impression Black & White was the beginning of the god game genre – conveniently ignoring a number of earlier games such as Populous. He also seems to think that the Black & White series is now all but forgotten and that he can single-handedly reboot the god genre.”[Source: ]

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