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You sent Activision the wrong message, Call of Duty fans

CarlosX360 Writes: “On February 9, 2017 – Activision announced record-breaking revenues across all of their franchises, Activision announced that Infinite Warfare’s sales were down from Black Ops 3, Activision announced that a new Call of Duty title is coming, and Activision also announced layoffs to 5% of their workforce. Where is Call of Duty going? What are Activision’s ...

PS5 release date in 2019 at earliest, Sony won’t counter Xbox Scorpio says analyst

From PlayStation Universe: “Analyst talks PS5 release date and Xbox Scorpio launch. Believes Ps5 will launch 2019 at earliest and Xbox Two in 2020.” [Source: ]

9th Generation Consoles: Who Should Make The First Move?

Which company will make the leap into 9th generation? [Source: ]

NieR introduces controversial new PS4 feature – the ability to buy Trophies

Nier: Automata trophies can apparently be bought. This is the first time in a PS4 game that the feature has been included. [Source: ]

This NieR: Automata trophy is pretty pervy

The Nier ‘What are you doing?’ Trophy may cause some controversy as it requires the player to perv on the main character. [Source: ]

Zelda: Breath of the Wild gets first review in EDGE

This months review scores include Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Horizon Zero Dawn, and more. [Source: ]

5 Hours with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Switch [Wccftech]

Wccftech: “Whats most striking at this point, is how it is still managing to surprise me even in its early stages. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a game that, prior to this, I have accumulated almost three hours of time with, total, in various demo versions of the game, on both Wii U and Switch. But here, now, my 15-minute time limit is unlocked and I can roam the world infinitel...

More Sex as Mass Effect Andromeda Adds One Night Stands

No matter which of the Ryder twins you choose to play in Mass Effect Andromeda, romance is always in the air. [Source: ]

Fumito Ueda Teases His Next Game After Receiving D.I.C.E Award for The Last Guardian’s Trico

The Last Guardian Director Fumito Ueda teases his next game while holding the D.I.C.E. trophy for Outstanding Achievement in Character. [Source: ]

Amazon cancels 1,200 Breath of the Wild Master Edition orders

It’s now clear just how many Zelda Master Edition were cancelled earlier this week: 1,235 according to an email Amazon sent to a customer. [Source: ]

Where Are Our Exclusives? Grievances Of An Xbox One Owner

IM PLAYIN discuss the relative lack of exclusives on the Xbox One. [Source: ]

Nier Automata Lets You Self-Destruct 2Bs Skirt

Theres a Self-Destruct button in Nier Automata. The Self-Destruct button will prompt 2B to start a countdown, and apparently deals damage in a small area around her. 2B survives this explosion with a pixel of health and without her skirt. [Source: ]

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