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Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition DLC Update’s $19.99 Price Was a Mistake; Square Enix Clarifies

Square Enix clarified that the $19.99 price for the “Final Fantasy XV Royal Pack” that will update the base game to the Royal Edition was listed in error. [Source: ]

Shenmue 3 Gets Some Brand New Screenshots

A brand new batch of Shenmue 3 screenshots has arrived, with fans of the series getting a glimpse at the highly-anticipated sequel. [Source: ]

5 HD Remasters We Need in 2018 if This Is Just Going to Continue On Forever

Another five for the HD remasters train! [Source: ]

Microsoft In Talks To Bring Back NBA JAM Franchise

The NBA Jam series may be revived by Microsoft for its 25th Anniversary. [Source: ]

Famitsu review scores (1/16/18)

This weeks Famitsu reviews include a near-perfect score for Monster Hunter World and more. [Source: ]

Days Gone And Marvel’s Spider-Man Both Reaffirmed For 2018 Release On PS4

GameFragger: Sony and developer Insomniac Games have confirmed the release windows of two upcoming, highly-anticipated PlayStation 4 titles: Days Gone and Marvel’s Spider-Man. In a “Year in Review” email sent out by Sony, the publisher includes a look at games to look forward to in 2018. One of the games slated for 2018 is Days Gone, the upcoming action-adventure survival game se...

How to properly install and configure Kodi for Xbox One

Kodi is finally here on the Xbox after a 5-year hiatus! YAY! For those not familiar with Kodi, it is a program that works as an audio and media player. Kodi can allow you to play locally-stored files, either via your home network or other files stored through companies online servers. [Source: ]

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Revealed With New Features; Windows Edition Gets March Release Date

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition and Final Fantasy XV Windows edition each receive a release date for their respective platforms. [Source: ]

Zelda BoTW Really Doesn’t Deserve Game Of The Year. Here’s Why;

Park of CD assess the rampant “perfect” scores Zelda BoTW has received as well as its numerous Game of the Year awards. Does the fact it’s Zelda give it a pass to the top of the pile even with its issues? [Source: ]

Forza Horizon 3’s Xbox One X update is a true showcase for console 4K

Forza Horizon 3 gets an enhanced Xbox One X patch this week, adding a 4K presentation plus other extras to an already visually arresting title. [Source: ]

Fortnite: Why its won the Battle (Royale), and is on the way to winning the war

Fortnite took everything from PUBG and made it infinitely better, argues Rossko of FingerGuns. [Source: ]

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Review – IGN

With Arcade Edition, Street Fighter 5 finally feels like a complete game, and one that lives up to its legacy. [Source: ]

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