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Horizon Zero Dawn Review – Guerrilla Games Has Finally Delivered its True Masterpiece | DualShockers

Horizon Zero Dawn lives up to its massive hype, and possibly exceeds expectations, delivering a memorable new IP with engrossing gameplay and gorgeous visuals. [Source: ]

Nintendo Switch Retail Boxes Are an Ocean of Wasted Space

Switch carts take up only 1 percent of the space in their retail box. [Source: ]

Overwatch Playboy-Style Online Magazine Created by Fans Resurfaces

The Playboy-style Overwatch magazine called Playwatch has been effectively taken down by Blizzard. But fear not, the magazine is back. [Source: ]

2018 And 2019 Games Could Show True Power of Project Scorpio, Says Analyst

The games people see on Project Scorpio at launch probably won’t be too different compared to how they look on other platforms, but eventually they will. [Source: ]

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy may not be a PS4 exclusive, Xbox One version still possible

The Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy release will not be exclusive to PS4. The Crash PS4 trilogy will be a timed exclusive and may launch on other platforms at a later date. [Source: ]

Killzone 5 outed by leading Dutch newspaper?

Killzone 5 could be on the cards if this Dutch newspaper are stating facts. Find out more about the new Killzone game rumor. [Source: ]

World of Tanks Twitch Streamer Tragically Dies During Marathon Charity Stream

Heart complications are suspected as the cause of death. [Source: ]

Should Adults Play Video Games?

  Is gaming only for kids? And should Adults Be Putting Down the Controller? A question I battle with all the time internally is if gaming is only for kids? [Source: ]

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy NOT a PS4 exclusive, Xbox One version incoming?

The Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy release will not be exclusive to PS4. The Crash PS4 trilogy will be a timed exclusive and launch on other platforms is likely. [Source: ]

Nintendo Switch battery sourced from Galaxy Note 7 supplier

The company that supplied the exploding batteries in the Galaxy Note 7 will be supplying Nintendo for the Switch console. [Source: ]

The Exclusive Gap Between PS4 And Xbox One Has Become A Canyon

Sony is doing a great job cultivating high-quality exclusive sequels from its storied franchises, but also creating new IPs that are must-have games. This is in contrast to Nintendo, which always produces solid first-party titles, but lacks most everything thats third-party multiplatform, and Xbox, which still has a few core exclusive franchises, but theyre not what they once were, and Microsoft i...

PlayStation Plus March 2017 free games on PS4 predictions, rumors predicts which free PS4 games will be coming to PS Plus in March? [Source: ]

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