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Nintendo Explains Decision To Charge For The Nintendo Switch Online Service

Nintendo has explained why they will be charging Switch owners to access the platforms online service when it launches later this year. [Source: ]

Nintendo Will Pay You up to $20,000 for a Hacked Nintendo Switch

Calling all hackers! Nintendo set a big bounty and is paying between $100-$20,000 if you can seek out and expose vulnerabilities on a hacked Nintendo Switch. [Source: ]

Coffee and Horizon: Neil Druckmann Talks with Hermen Hulst

From the origins of Aloy to the emergence of a post-post-apocalypse, two iconic game developers sit down for coffee and conversation. [Source: ]

Why the PlayStation 5 Isn’t Coming Out Anytime Soon

Playstation 4 has been super successful this generation. But, with the reveal of the Xbox Scorpio, many sites are claiming that Sony’s next line of PlayStations is not just underway. But, coming out by the year 2018. Poli Games hot Joseph, tackles this question to find the truth. That the Pl [Source: ]

Porsche Confirmed for Gran Turismo Sport

Sony Interactive Entertainment shows the first Porsche appearing in Gran Turismo Sport. [Source: ]

Project Scorpio: Microsofts Fast, Fun, and Futuristic Failure

An author shares his opinion regarding the future of the Xbox Scorpio. [Source: ]

5 Reasons To Buy Xbox Project Scorpio Over PS4 Pro

The video game industry just wouldnt be the same without rival companies pushing each other to deliver bigger, better experiences. Although Nintendo is certainly causing heads to turn with the early success of Switch, the two main players in todays console war are Sony and Microsoft. [Source: ]

This Console Generations Top 10 Largest Open World Maps

Twinfinite does some digging to find out which game comes up top trumps when it comes to map size. [Source: ]

Zelda: Breath of the Wild update out now (version 1.1.2)

Following the new update released at the end of March, another new patch has just been distributed for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. [Source: ]

Microsoft to offer Self-Service Refunds for Xbox One & Win10

Microsoft to offer Self-Service Refunds for Xbox One & Win10 Gaming Discussion [Source: ]

This Terrible Gaming Trend Has to Stop in 2017

Games like Mass Effect: Andromeda and Final Fantasy XV are being fixed after launch, all due to fan demand. Is that a good idea? Is it hurting the overall quality and integrity of such games? [Source: ]

Q&A: With Scorpio rising, Phil Spencer looks to the future of Xbox

A chat with Xbox chief Phil Spencer about everything from Microsoft’s VR plans to the future of consoles, and how Project Scorpio represents an attempt at “learning from some of our PC heritage.” [Source: ]

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