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There Are Worries The Last of Us: Part II May Not Have Multiplayer

Naughty Dog may be best known for its rip-roaring single player campaigns, but the studios been pumping out entertaining online multiplayer romps for a good decade or so now. The Last of Us is easily its best work, with its SOCOM-inspired white knuckle bouts being a breath of fresh air in an era of killstreaks and whatnot. [Source: ]

PS5 Definitively More Powerful Than Xbox Project Scarlett, According to Dev Kit Users

Following off the back of a rumor during E3 2019 week, a new source claims to have heard that the PS5 is ‘definitively more powerful’ than Xbox Project Scarlett. [Source: ]

Banjo-Kazooie and more Rare games get Xbox One X Enhanced

Several classic Rare games will be Xbox One X enhanced including Banjo Kazooie and Perfect Dark. [Source: ]

Are We to Blame for the Lack of Gameplay at E3 2019?

PushSquare: I think this is a complicated topic, because the publishers are just as much to blame as the consumers who complain about every little alteration. The problem is that this looks like its going to end up a negative for all of us: developers are only going to be more secretive, and that means were going to see less and less of games before they actually release. [Source: ]

Anthem feels hopeless

When Anthem launched players quickly realized that, underneath all that hype about an ever-evolving story and world, it was a disjointed, unimaginative loot shooter full of needless padding and repetitive missions. But there was also a glimmer of hope. Anthem wasn’t the first live-service game to launch in a bad state, and though things were grim, other games like Diablo 3 and Battlefield 4 ...

Steam unveils new library redesign for early public beta

The Steam Library gets a redesign and the public beta is about to start soon. Valve has officially introduced the new design of the Steam library via a community announcement aimed at publishers and developers. The announcement basically shows them how to customize their game entries for the revised layout. [Source: ]

Why 2020 Could Be The Greatest Year Gaming Has Ever Seen

SXO: Time really does fly by. Were halfway through 2019 and 2020 is on the horizon. This may seem premature but with the recent slew of announcements confirming 2020 release dates for major games we cannot help but feel immense excitement for what next year will bring. [Source: ]

Does Ubisoft’s Political Stance Make Any Sense

Ubisoft tried to justify its toying with politics, and well, it’s a bit silly. Should the company just take a stance, or continue to sit this debate out? [Source: ]

Borderlands 3 director says the game doesnt actually have a billion guns it has way more

Earlier this year when Borderlands 3 was first announced, Gearbox made the bold claim that the game has one billion guns, which is an absolutely absurd number. Thus, it should come as no surprise that Borderlands 3 doesn’t actually have this many guns. That’s absurd. It has way more. According to Paul Sage, the game’s Creative Director, one billion guns is a conservative estimate...

Final Fantasy VIII remaster music will be from the PlayStation version

Final Fantasy fans will be happy to hear that the upcoming remastered version of Final Fantasy VIII will feature music based around the original PlayStation score. [Source: ]

Microsoft’s Xbox Project Scarlett console is awesome, and it doesn’t matter

Microsoft has set a release date for Project Scarlett, its next-generation game console. It promises incredible performance, stunning 8K visuals, and lightning-quick load times — but none of that matters. The console’s relevance is waning. [Source: ]

Keanu Reeves says videogames don’t need Hollywood stars

Reeves also mused on the nature of his character, Johnny Silverhand, who may or may not be there to help. [Source: ]

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