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I played Google Stadia on an airplane so you don’t have to

But the bigger issue comes back to Stadia’s overall utility. You can’t play games on an airplane, fine. But if you can’t play games anywhere that has dodgy Wi-Fi, a lot of hotels are out, too, not to mention a lot of coffee shops, libraries, bars and other public spaces. If Stadia works only in private homes with sterling Wi-Fi connections, that means you’re probably playin...

Chucklefish apologizes for Wargroove’s “whitewashed” voice casting

Chucklefish has apologized following criticism that an upcoming DLC pack for its game Wargroove whitewashed its voice actor casting by hiring white voice actors to play three different characters of color. [Source: ]

Final Fantasy VII Remake Gets Barret Trailer, Wallpapers, Avatars, Launch Event in Tokyo, & More

Square Enix has some interesting assets and news to share about the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake that is coming for PlayStation 4. [Source: ]

The 30 Best Videogames of 2019

Paste Magazine ranks the best games of the year. [Source: ]

Blizzard Is Testing ‘Interesting New Approaches’ to PvP Combat for Diablo IV

Blizzard co-founder Allen Adham said the developers are experimenting with ‘interesting new approaches’ to Player-versus-Player combat in Diablo IV. [Source: ]

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Hits PS4 This Upcoming Tuesday, Cross-Play Confirmed

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition hits the PS4 this upcoming Tuesday, bringing with it cross-play. [Source: ]

Titanfall 2 PS4 Player Count Explodes Due to PS+, Now at Over 80K

Titanfall 2 PS4 player count has exploded, and is nearing 90,000 players in its first weekend of availability as part of PS Plus! [Source: ]

Amazon Slashes Up To 67% Off Japanese Made Games

If you need any help using the theme then take a look at the tabs to the left. Daily Video Game writes: “If you are looking to grab a few new games made by Japanese developers, youre in the right place! Amazon is offering up to 67% off on various Japanese made games for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and 3DS right now!” [Source: ]

PSN Deals: Save Up to 80% in Latest Flash Sale on UK/EU PlayStation Stores

PP: This weekend sees another Flash Sale on the UK and European PlayStation Stores with some recent big-hitters getting discounts. [Source: ]

Awesome New Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC Trailer Revealed, Launches First on PS4

Square Enix has released a brand new trailer for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind downloadable content and revealed that it will launch first on PlayStation 4. [Source: ]

Red Dead Redemption 2 Is Struggling On Steam As Well

Red Dead Redemption 2 is struggling on Steam as well. The developers made little to no efforts to deal with the problems of Rockstar Game Launcher. [Source: ]

Tekken 7 Season Pass 3 DLC Characters Have Leaked

Tekken 7 is getting its third season pass that is adding four new playable fighters. Two of them have been revealed while an additional two fighters were leaked. [Source: ]

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