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Did Capcom Just Tease The Resident Evil 3 Remake?

WGTC: “Capcom took to Twitter today with a rather mysterious message, which some fans have taken as a tease of a Resident Evil 3 remake.” [Source: ]

8K Gaming, Ray Tracing, and SSD: What You Need to Realize About PS5

Few unrealistic expectations are seeding in due to limited details shared today. its important to know what you should expect from PS5. [Source: ]

Gearbox boss: ‘Bitch and moan’ if you want, but the Epic Store is best for Borderlands 3

Randy Pitchford explained in a long tweetstorm why he believes the future does not belong to Steam. [Source: ]

Sonys PlayStation 5 is the most exciting yet boring next-gen console so far

Nintendos latest system is a console/portable hybrid, and Googles first serious entry into the world of video games is a streaming service. Microsoft has recently called Googles streaming news a validation of Microsofts own strategy, and the company described Xbox as a platform that could work across multiple devices, including your cell phone, at last years E3. While we still have plenty of quest...

XIII: The Stylish Cel-Shaded FPS Returns in New Remake

Embark on XIIIs quest for identity when the game hits PS4 on November 13. [Source: ]

Sony nuked PlayStation VRs biggest problem by promising PS5 support

By confirming yesterday that the PlayStation 5 wont arrive this year, and that it will continue to be PSVR-compatible, Sonys senior PlayStation system architect Mark Cerny effectively threw the PSVR the lifeline it has needed for at least a year. While the announcement doesnt preclude Sony from launching a more powerful PSVR 2 in the future, it makes clear that the 80-plus-million PlayStation 4 ow...

Castlevania Anniversary Collection Release Date Revealed as 16th May

From PS Blog: “Hello PlayStation Blog readers! Its Konamis 50th anniversary this year, and were celebrating by bringing several collections of our much loved, retro games to PlayStation 4. Last month we announced three of them; Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection (out today on PlayStation Store), Contra Anniversary Collection and Castlevania Anniversary Collection. Were still working on f...

Troy Baker on Randy Pitchford: “I Would Fact-Check Before I Tweeted”

Troy Baker has revealed that he “would love to come back” to reprise his role as Rhys in Borderlands 3, despite Randy Pitchford’s tweets. [Source: ]

Left 4 Dead 3 Screenshots Leaked – Here’s What They Are

From GameWatcher: “Left 4 Dead 3 screenshots are now out and about, circling the Internet – courtesy of Youtuber Tyler McVicker, who has been collecting and corroborating information for close to a year now, according to his latest informative video.” [Source: ]

Why The Outrage Over The Lack Of A Minority Lead In Jedi: Fallen Order May Be Misplaced

Skewed and Reviewed have posted an Opinion Piece in regards to comments and articles upset over the lack of a Minority lead in the upcoming Star Wars game. The article looks at the long history of Minority inclusion in the franchise but does see the need for growth on the gaming side. [Source: ]

The PlayStation 5 Specs Are Beefy, But Not Entirely Necessary

Sony has revealed some preliminary specs for the upcoming PlayStation 5, and while they’re impressive, are they really necessary? [Source: ]

Ubisoft is giving Assassins Creed Unity away free and donating 500,000 to Notre Dame

In solidarity with everyone moved by Monday’s events were donating to the restoration for Notre-Dame & giving you the chance to play Assassins Creed Unity on Uplay for free. [Source: ]

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