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The Nintendo Switch is The Best Console

If you need any help using the theme then take a look at the tabs to the left. The Nintendo Switch is The Best Console – From the best exclusives, the best games, and the sense of community, the Nintendo Switch is the best console. [Source: ]

Philips Hue box syncs lights with games and movies

The latest addition to the Philips Hue smart light system is a small black box that syncs a room full of lights with whatevers happening on your TV. Games, movies, streaming media, or anything else youre watching can pass through the box, which will perpetually adjust the color and brightness of your lights to match, creating a more immersive experience. [Source: ]

Coming Soon To Xbox Game Pass For Console: Jump Force, Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night, And More

Major Nelson: More titles coming to Xbox Game Pass. Play over 100 great games for one low monthly price, including highly-anticipated new Xbox One exclusives the day theyre released. [Source: ]

Death Stranding Multiplayer Details Revealed, Players Can Transform the Terrain & Construct Highways

Kojima sheds some new details on Death Stranding multiplayer details, stating that players can have influence with one another session. [Source: ]

Someone Has Beat Resident Evil 4 With 0% Accuracy

Resident Evil 4 player Manekimoney has seemingly achieved the impossible by beating the game with an accuracy score of 0 percent. [Source: ]

Borderlands has a problem with dwarfism and disability

Discounting Claptraps metal visage, Sir Hammerlock is the first friendly face you meet in Borderlands 2. [Source: ]

New Trailer For Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered

It is almost time to strap on the Proton Packs again. Saber Interactive has just released a new trailer for Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered. This new video asks diehard fans what they remember most from the hit action-adventure game featuring the original cast of Columbia Pictures classic films, and what theyre looking forward to [&hellip [Source: ]

Save up to 70% with September Savings at PS Store

Choose from The Sinking City, GTA: The Trilogy, Spyro Reignited Trilogy and more! [Source: ]

Will Borderlands 3 Fail?

Outside of hardcore fans, people don’t seem excited about Gearbox’s Borderlands 3. Is the Borderlands name enough to drive sales? [Source: ]

Death Stranding Was Developed With Just 80 People, Says Kojima

Death Stranding is an upcoming PS4 exclusive from Hideo Kojima. It was first announced in 2016 and will be launching later this year in November. [Source: ]

There are lots of things PS5 is going to do better than PC — here’s a few of them

Gamepressure writes: “With our official guidelines, you, as the law-abiding, exemplary user of a console, will be able to win any argument with the frantic horde of 4K/60FPS fanatics.” [Source: ]

5 Reasons To Buy An Xbox One X Instead of a PS4 Pro

Here are five reasons why you should buy an Xbox One X instead of a PlayStation 4 Pro. [Source: ]

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