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Does Hellblade on Xbox One X deliver the definitive console experience?

Already one of the most eye-catching titles to use Unreal Engine 4, Ninja Theory adapts Hellblade for Xbox One and X. The enhanced console gets the most options – with enriched, frame-rate and resolution modes. Tom explains the pros and cons of each, and how it stacks against PS4 Pro. [Source: ]

God Of War PS4 Has A Reversible Cover That Is Inspired From DOOM

God of War PS4 is out now for the PS4. It is easily one of the most anticipated PS4 exclusive of this year. If you have bought a retail copy of the game, there is a good chance that you will end up with a surprise in the form of a reversible cover art. [Source: ]

Crackdown 3 Has Been Rated in Brazil, Suggesting Release Is Near

Crackdown 3, the open world game for Windows 10 PC and Xbox One, has been rated in Brazil suggesting that its release date is now near. [Source: ]

SSX 3 on Xbox One X is Stunning | Gamerheadquarters

SSX 3 returns as an Original Xbox Backwards Compatible title bringing with it an incredible Xbox One X enhancement that holds up better than one might believe. [Source: ]

God of War – A Message from the Dev Team | PS4

God of War has officially launched all around the world, and the team at Sony Santa Monica wants to thank you, the fans, for following Kratos’ journey. [Source: ]

Ring of Elysium: Is This The Slayer Of Titans PUBG And Fortnite?

PUBG Mobile producers Tencent have launched a PC Battle Royale game: Ring of Elysium. Could this be a serious competitor for Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds? [Source: ]

Ex-Ubisoft creative director says that every online shooter will have a BR mode within a year

Alex Hutchinson, former creative director at Ubisoft Montreal who has worked in triple-A games like Far Cry 4 and Assassins Creed 3, claimed that pretty much all online shooters will feature a battle-royale mode within a year. [Source: ]

Final Fantasy VII Remake Aims to “Exceed the Original”; Square Enix Talks Development and Philosophy

Square Enix released a new career opportunity ad providing a closer look at the development of the Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS4. [Source: ]

Should Adults-Only Games Have Mature Settings?

Adult games are great, but they’d be even better if they had more options for players. Should people have more control over mature content? [Source: ]

God Of War PS4’s Immersive Mode Is The Best Way To Play

We urge you to ditch God of War’s HUD. It makes the game even more spectacular, and it’s more accessible than you think. [Source: ]

The Witcher TV Producer: CDPR’s Vision Is Breathtaking; First Season Will Have 8 One-Hour Episodes

The Witcher TV series Producer Lauren Schmidt Hissrich proclaimed her “mad respect” for CD Projekt RED’s games, saying that their vision for Sapkowski’s work is “breathtaking” though the TV show will be its own adaptation. She also revealed more details on the first season of the show. [Source: ]

God of Wars Release Marks a Seminal Coming of Age Moment for Sony as a First Party Publisher

God of War represents the beginning of a new era for Sony as a first party publisher. [Source: ]

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