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Cliff Bleszinski Says AAA Games Are In “Weird Spot”, While VR Is In Its “80s” Period

CliffyB said AAA games are “nearly unsustainable” and advocated AA games instead. He also noted that VR games still have a long way to go, being stuck in an “80s” kind of wave-based shooter design trend. [Source: ]

Call Of Duty WW2 reveal 26 april, 10AM PST.

Call of Duty WWII is official and will be revealed on april 26, 10AM PST. [Source: ]

Xbox Live Games With Gold For May 2017

For the month of May, Xbox Live Gold members will receive four new free games – two on Xbox One and two on Xbox 360. [Source: ]

What Xbox Project Scorpio means for PC gaming

“Microsoft has dished the deets on its upcoming Scorpio hardware update for the Xbox console, and in what amounts to uncharacteristic detail and candour given the ruddy thing isnt going on sale until the end of 2017. But what are we poor PC peasants to make of the Beast of Redmonds latest game box and its towering on-paper capabilities? In short, what influence will Project Scorpios trick ne...

Remedy Recounts Microsoft’s Request To Remove ‘Explicit Nudity’ Texture From Quantum Break

Developers at Remedy Entertainment recently provided some memories about working on their most recent game, Quantum Break. [Source: ]

Saints Row 2 Free on Steam and GOG for a Limited Time

Volition’s excellent Saints Row 2 is now free for a limited time on Steam and GOG. [Source: ]

Ganondorf’s Last Name is Officially Dragmire Again

Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda website has stated the surname of the series’ big baddie: Ganondorf Dragmire. It’s the first official usage of the surname in 25 years – since 1992, when it originally appeared in A Link to the Past’s English game manual. The Legend of Zelda series features different incarnations of Ganondorf (and Link, and Zelda), and so Ganondorf Dragmire ...

New Final Fantasy XV Patch Adding “Stable Mode” for PS4 Pro and More; Coming April 27th

A new patch for Final Fantasy XV is set to bring a new visual mode on PS4 Pro and more goodies on April 27th. [Source: ]

Is It Time To Take Microsoft And The Xbox Scorpio Seriously?

Microsoft is fallen behind this generation, and is clearly hurting. [Source: ]

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Review – IGN

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is still a gorgeous game and the overhauled Battle mode is a great reason to pick it up. [Source: ]

The Nvidia Shield TV Apparently it is almost a Nintendo Switch So Nintendo how about it?

So the Nintendo Switch comes along, there was all this talk of a custom SoC (System on Chip) with a ton of man hours/research and design that had gone in to it and then it comes to light that the gubbins are not super custom, but merely the Tegra X1 SoC as used in the Shield TV devices.. [Source: ]

6 Games That Prove 2017 is Already the Strongest in Years

Four months in and it’s already one for the scrapbook. Here are 6 games that prove 2017 is a vintage year in gaming. [Source: ]

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