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New NES Classic Mod Allows You To Play N64, SNES, and More.

A new mode will allow your NES Classic to play more than NES games. [Source: ]

NPD Group: PS4 Outsells Xbox One During March 2017 While Switch Takes Top Spot

GameRevolution: “First, it was confirmed that the PS4 outsold the Xbox One during the month of March. This marks the fifth month in a row that PS4 has led the Xbox One in sales within the territory. The last victory for Microsoft was last October, which was attributed to both strong first-party software as well as the recent release of the Xbox One S. However, the top-selling gaming brand wa...

41 PS2 Classics That Must Come to PS4

Push Square: “With the announcement that all four of Naughty Dog’s Jak & Daxter games are coming to the PlayStation 4 via Sony’s under-utilised PS2 Classics program, we’ve been pondering which other last-last-gen titles deserve the upscale-and-Trophies treatment. While we had planned to put together a short list, the Japanese giant’s legendary system had so many h...

Gay Dating Sim Coming Out On Top Begins Steam Greenlight Campaign

J Station X: Gay dating sim Coming Out On Top begins its Steam Greenlight campaign, hoping to get on Steam despite the platform’s notorious erotic game policies. [Source: ]

Phil Spencer Comitted To Console Gaming, Already Planning What Comes After Project Scorpio

There have been questions surrounding the future of Microsoft in the console space – even though the company is committed to launching the Xbox Scorpio later this year, their push towards Xbox as a service over the last few years has been enough to give everyone a bit of a pause and contemplate if the future of Xbox may not be as a device agnostic service, rather than as hardware. [Source: g...

PlayStation Proves Its Still King of Consoles

PlayStation is the king of console exclusives, and Xbox Scorpio has nothing on that. [Source: ]

UK/EU PSN Deals: Black Ops III, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8, Nioh, Ghost Recon Wildlands Reduced on PS4

Pure PlayStation: Another Wednesday, another PSN deals post. You know the score by now. As is the norm, Sony has updated its PSN service with a few new offers for PlayStation gamers. This weeks reductions are pretty nice, too. [Source: ]

Persona 5: First Batch of DLC for PS4 and PS3 Released; Includes One Free Set of Costumes

Persona 5 gets its first batch of DLC for the west on PS4 and PS3, including a freebie. [Source: ]

How Can Overwatch Deal With its Toxic Players?

Jay Castello writes: “Hate speech. Slurs. Threats. Even the casual hatred of players who are perceived to be performing badly can sour a game. From my experience and a survey I conducted of 165 players, its happening in approximately a quarter of matches. Its a systemic problem that Blizzard must fix.” [Source: ]

Fable Creator on ‘Big Mistake’ He Made With the Series

Instead having a 500-year gap between the first two games, Molyneux wishes they made it a 50-year leap instead. [Source: ]

Project Scorpio: The Most Powerful Place to Create and Play

Phil Spencer: At Team Xbox we put gamers at the center of everything we do and we are driven to build the best platform on which to create and play games. We know that you cant have one without the other, which is why weve invested so much in new development tools, publishing opportunities, hardware and services for developers and gamers alike. Were excited to unveil Project Scorpio and the amazin...

Sonic Forces Looks Fantastic in New Alpha Version Screenshots from Famitsu

Sega is bringing a new Sonic with Sonic Forces, and it looks really, really good. [Source: ]

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