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Former Uncharted Lead MP Designer Accused of Sexual Harassment by Former Naughty Dog Dev

Robert Cogburn, former Naughty Dog developer who worked on Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy as Lead Multiplayer Designer, has been accused of sexual harassment by former Naughty Dog employee David Ballard. Naughty Dog Co-President Christophe Balestra was also mentioned for criticizing Ballard’s accusation. [Source: ]

God of War Open World Structure Hurts its Narrative and Story

While the new God of War open world structure is fantastic for gameplay, it winds up hurting the story of the PlayStation 4 exclusive. Here’s why it negatively impacts it as a whole. [Source: ]

Seriously, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Should Come to PlayStation 4

Okay, Cool’s Riley Little, “Say what you will, but one writer feels adamant that Sonys fight title should make its return.” [Source: ]

Fable 4: First Leaked Gameplay Footage and Infos are Fake

The first gameplay footage and infos of Fable 4 from the “4chan” forums are not real. [Source: ]

PlayStation at E3 2018: The journey begins on 12th June

Tune in to E3 2018 for updates on The Last of Us pt. 2, Marvels Spider-Man and much more [Source: ]

Danielle Beaulieu just made a really awesome cosplay of Ashe from League of Legends

I (Robin Ek, TGG) just found out that Danielle Beaulieu dropped some really awesome pictures of her cosplay as Ashe from “League of Legends”. Well, I liked Beaulieu’s Ashe cosplay so much that I decided to write about the matter. [Source: ]

With light E3 plans, is Sony preparing for PS5 in 2019?

Sony’s break from tradition in focusing on a smaller lineup of games begs the question; are we that much closer to the next console generation in PS5? [Source: ]

E3 2018: Clearing Up The Confusion Over Sonys PlayStation E3 Press Conference

Sony finally announced their E3 Press Conference. Unfortunately, they also brought the with it a storm of confusion. Hopefully this helps clear everything up. [Source: ]

Bethesda almost confirms RAGE 2 with new tweets, may be revealed on May 14th

Yesterday and today, Bethesda tweeted some really interesting images, hinting towards a RAGE 2 reveal on May 14th. These tweets are coming after Walmarts leak which given the fact that Bethesdas Pete Hines was a bit angry about it appears to be legit, at least for RAGE 2. [Source: ]

Eidos Montreal: “We have to try new models for single-player games”

Shadow of the Tomb Raider dev on making $135 million narrative projects work. [Source: ]

GameStop CEO Michael K. Mauler Quits Job After Only Three Months

The CEO of video games retailer Gamestop, Michael K. Mauler, has officially resigned from his position after only three months on the job due to “personal reasons, effective immediately”. [Source: ]

PlayStation Blogcast Episode 292: E3 Showcase Preview

Chairman of Worldwide Studios Shawn Layden joins us for a very special episode of PlayStation Blogcast where he shares new details on our E3 2018 showcase. Enjoy the show!. [Source: ]

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