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Resident Evil 7 Not A Hero DLC details leak, will link to Resident Evil 8

From GameWatcher: “Resident Evil 7 is one of the best games of the year, but you may have forgotten that its final set of DLC, starring series hero Chris Redfield, was promised in Spring 2017 but was delayed to December. Now an anonymous source claims to have full story details on the ‘Not A Hero’ DLC, with hints on the newly announced ‘End of Zoe’ DLC. This is only a...

Sony Warns for PS4 Software Limitations When Updating From 5.0 Beta to PS4 Firmware 4.74

Sony has warned PS4 5.0 beta testers that updating to PS4 firmware 4.74 will result in several restrictions. [Source: ]

EVE: Valkyrie Warzone Runs Up To [email protected] on PS4 Pro; PC Specs Revealed

EVE: Valkyrie Warzone runs up to [email protected] fps on PS4 Pro (with dynamic resolution). CCP also told Wccftech what kind of PC you’ll need to play it well, including at native [email protected] [Source: ]

DOOM Nintendo Switch vs PS4 Graphics Comparison

Announcement of Doom for Nintendo Switch was really surprising especialy it camealongside with a short glimpse of a gameplay. Lets compare that footage to PS4 version of it. One can be told here. Switch is greatly handling this game. [Source: ]

Nintendo Has Won 2017

Nintendo has won 2017 in the aftermath of their latest direct. They showed 38 games, both for the 3DS and Nintendo Switch, and FINALLY have 3rd Party support and a consistent release schedule. [Source: ]

Nintendo Switch outsold Xbox One and PlayStation 4 again in August

Nintendo Switch was the bestselling system and topped sales charts again. [Source: ]

New Sea of Thieves Trailer Shows Gorgeous Graphics in 4K, Explains what the Game is About

The latest trailer of Sea of Thieves for Xbox One and PC doesn’t just look gorgeous, but it also tells you what the game is like. [Source: ]

New Xbox One tech can save hard drive space and cut download times

Microsoft is planning a quiet revolution in the way that games are streamed and installed onto Xbox One and Xbox One X. [Source: ]

PS4 Firmware Update 4.74 Is Live, Improves System Performance

Sony has released a surprise firmware update for the PS4 today. [Source: ]

Will the Nintendo Switch be a Long-Term Success?

Nintendo Enthusiast: The Nintendo Switch is officially a half-year old. Despite launching in the Spring (completely opposite of the usual winter/holiday release strategy) and sporting a very unorthodox hybrid design, the system has been a smash hit. Both gamers and non-gamers are happy with the Switch and its been finding success worldwide. While its great to see Nintendo back in action, the quest...

New Code Vein 1080p Screenshots Show Character Creation and More

Bandai Namco shows more of Code Vein’s extensive character creation and introduce a charming revenant named Io in new screenshots. [Source: ]

PS4 vs Xbox One vs Switch Global Lifetime Sales July 2017 Update

During the month of July 2017, the PS4 outsold the Switch by 188,963 units for the month and the Xbox One by 647,801 units. The Switch outsold the Xbox One by 379,596 units. When you compare monthly sales to a year ago, the PlayStation 4 is up, while the Xbox One is down. The PlayStation 4 is up 293,540 units and the Xbox One is down 44,985 units. Taking a look at the marketshare, the PlayStation ...

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