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Why You Should Play Uncharted: Drakes Fortune From Your Backlog

Backlog Critic “Another week, another PS4 exclusive that we had been chomping at the bit to try out since we got the console a few weeks ago. Part of the Nathan Drake Collection, which was release late in 2015, Drakes Fortune, the first in the series was our first chance to play the smash hit series.” [Source: ]

Do You Ever Actually Walk In Video Games?

Am I the only one who loves walking in video games, taking a leisurely stroll through my favourite virtual worlds, absorbing the little details? [Source: ]

The Division is getting back on track while Destiny 2 disappoints

FGR writes: It has always been between these two MMO’s when it comes to RPG Shooter ones. Well, as I thought, even after a slow start, The Division seems to has retained its popularity after a series of painful, but successful patches. We know it was a slow start, but hey, theyre finally back on track. [Source: ]

Dark Souls Remastered will be discounted by 50% to all PC owners of the first game

DSOGaming writes: “Earlier today, Bandai Namco revealed that Dark Souls Remastered will be coming to the PC on May 25th. Naturally, and given the awful initial state of the PC version of the first Dark Souls game, a lot of PC gamers wondered whether this would be a free upgrade for them. Well, contrary to the Bioshock remasters, Dark Souls Remastered will be a separate product. However, ther...

Tabata Says His Dream Final Fantasy Game Would Give Players Complete Freedom; Comments on Loot Boxes

Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata commented on the hottest topic in the whole game industry: loot boxes. He also said that his dream Final Fantasy game would empower players with complete freedom. [Source: ]

6 Games That Could Justify The Xbox One X In 2018

The Xbox One X is still one of the biggest stories in gaming hardware for 2018, and Microsoft could be in for a tough year as it tries to make its argument for beefy graphics against Sony’s impressive suite of exclusive games. [Source: ]


Game Director Christopher Barrett: Hey, everyone. At the end of last year, I made a promise that I would update you on our plans for Destiny 2. The team has been hard at work and were ready to share where we are headed. We used to wait to talk about game updates until we were certain we could meet our deadlines to avoid letting players down if we changed our plans. No longer. Were not just listeni...

Nintendo Has Erased the Wii U

Have you seen this console? With more news of Wii U ports coming to the Switch, it’s become very clear Nintendo wants you to forget the Wii U happened. [Source: ]

Report: PS4 Exclusive Days Gone Has Hours of Cinematics

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s upcoming PS4 exclusive Days Gone appears to have a whole lot of cinematics telling the story of Deacon St. John. [Source: ]

Xbox One Lost to Switch But Beat PS4 In December NPD: Is This Something Microsoft Can Capitalize On?

Signs of life for Xbox, but it has its work cut out for it if it wants to stay in the conversation. [Source: ]

Xbox One Duke Controller Gets Release Window, Phil Spencers Seal of Approval

Anybody who was an initial adopter of the original Xbox seventeen years ago (has it really been that long; well we feel old) knows the glory of the consoles original controller. Not meant to be played by somebody with puny hands like other consoles, the Dukes girth had a commanding presence not felt in hardware before or since. Sadly, its reign was all too short, quickly replaced by the more manag...

A familiar God of War release date appears

From PlayStation Universe: “Could we be Loki enough to see Kratos return on a Thor’s Day in March? It’s starting to look increasingly likely that a timely release date is on the cards.” [Source: ]

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