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ArenaNet folded like a cheap card table, says fired Guild Wars 2 writer

From Polygon: “Until last week, Price worked as a narrative designer on Guild Wars 2. Earlier this month, she wrote a lengthy Twitter thread about the differences between writing characters for linear, narrative-driven games and player characters in MMOs. A prominent Guild Wars 2 streamer and YouTube known as Deroir chimed in to disagree. Price later called Deroir out, tweeting: Today in bei...

With Nintendo holding back Holiday surprises, here are a few possible Switch games

We’re already looking forward to Super Smash Bros. and Pokemon, but could another big Switch game be slated for this year? [Source: ]

Is Microsoft gearing up to start next gen with a head start?

Blair writes: “Xbox is saying all of the right things and winning the little battles, while Sony stubbornly doesn’t listen to reason or it’s fans. That’s an eerie reminder of something.” [Source: ]

11 Changes To No Man’s Sky

A new video has been released showing 11 features that have come to No Man’s Sky has been released by the manufacturer. [Source: ]

Switch is getting the big guns, only a matter of time before the rest follow

“It has been about a year and three months since the Nintendo Switch has launched, and the console-handheld hybrid has received some incredible support from a slew of developers. Many developers and publishers were (seemingly) waiting for the Switch to prove its viability in the market, in fear of another Wii U blunder. Luckily, Nintendo sold 4.8 million units in the U.S. between March 2017 ...

Cristiano Ronaldo signs with Juventus, EA Sports s**** a brick

Christiano Ronaldo has left Spains Real Madrid after nine years to join the Italian club team, Juventus. While this is great news for all fans of fútbol, for EA Sports, the sporting development division of Electronic Arts, this is bad news. [Source: ]

Playtonic Unveils the Retro-Themed N64 Shader for Yooka-Laylee

While Yooka-Laylee looks like a Nintendo 64 game made for current generation consoles, Playtonic is hard at work on a feature that will make the game actually look like something that would have been playable on the N64. [Source: ]

Sony Shows the Fans’ Reactions to its E3 Reveals during PlayStation E3 Experience 2018

Sony Interactive Entertainment released its traditional video showcasing the reactions of the fans at PlayStation E3 Experience 2018. [Source: ]

5 Platinum Trophies that are Just Plain Unfair

To celebrate the ten year anniversary of PlayStation trophies, let’s look at the five most ridiculous platinum trophies of all time. [Source: ]

A new Xbox controller has been announced

Microsoft has confirmed a new controller for Xbox gamers to get their hands on, and boy is it a beauty! The diamond grip controller is currently slated for release in early August and features a fresh white design, mint and silver accents, and a rubberized diamond grip. [Source: ]

Yoshida Calls PS3 Price Reveal ‘Horrifying Moment,’ Wishes They Had More Succss With MP Games

Shuhei Yoshida is the president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios. He was recently at Develop: Brighton where he talked about his work at PlayStation and shared views on the current gaming generation. [Source: ]

Australian School asks parents to ban Fortnite at home

With the rise of any trend among young people, there will always be an adult to tell the world how terrible it is.All you have to do is have watched “Today”, “60 minutes” or “Breakfast” in the past few weeks to know that the current target is Epic Games’ extremely successful title “Fortnite”. [Source: ]

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