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6 Games That Prove 2017 is Already the Strongest in Years

Four months in and it’s already one for the scrapbook. Here are 6 games that prove 2017 is a vintage year in gaming. [Source: ]

Call of Duty 2017 World War 2 Announcement Coming This Weekend Rumour

It’s that time of the year again where rumours swirl about when the next Call of Duty will be revealed. After artwork and other material leaked for Call of Duty: WWII, it seems that Activision could be officially announcing it this weekend. [Source: ]

ESA proves Microsoft on correct path as physical game sales decline and gamers want best graphics.

Over the past 5 or so years, the gaming industry has changed dramatically, and while some factors remain the same like the types of games customers buy, there has been a substantial push towards digital purchases. [Source: ]

Is Rare’s Sea of Thieves Further Away Than We Thought?

The latest developer update suggests that Rare’s online shared world pirate game Sea of Thieves is still far from reaching the coveted land, with the studio heavily working on the NPCs system. A delay into 2018 seems like a concrete possibility at this point. [Source: ]

Here are 5 good reasons to ditch your current console and upgrade to Project Scorpio

Project Scorpio and PlayStation 4 Pro are part of a new trend in gaming which refreshes hardware in the middle of the generation. While PlayStation 4 Pro may have received a lukewarm reception from gamers due to low sales figures, Project Scorpio hopes to appeal to the same crowd by offering enhanced functionality and higher resolutions. However, why would any gamer want to purchase Project Scorpi...

Star Wars the Force Unleashed 3 Prototype Footage

Here is some great footage of Star Wars the Force Unleashed 3 from a prototype. Its pretty cool to look at and it really gives us an idea of what this game could have been. [Source: ]

After the Success of Persona 5, Atlus Registers 4 New P5 Domains,, and

After its release in Japan late 2016, Atluss JRPG Persona 5 finally released for Sonys home console earlier this month in the west, to huge critical acclaim. More recently though, Japanese developer Atlus registered 4 separate new domains for the hit game,, and according to domain search website Whois. [Source: ]

Little Nightmares Runs at [email protected] on PS4 Pro, [email protected] on PS4

Little Nightmares is getting a substantial boost to both resolution and frame rate on PS4 Pro when compared to the base PS4 version. [Source: ]

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Review | Gamereactor

GR writes: “It’s a near-perfect package that offers something for all ages to enjoy, with lashings of content to keep players coming back again and again.” [Source: ]

Xbox Project Scorpio: 11 Final Name Suggestions

We all know that Xbox Project Scorpio is a development codename.  But, what will the powerful system be called?  Here are 11 suggestions. [Source: ]

Trophies That Simply Aren’t Worth It

Sometimes you have to refuse to jump through those hoops [Source: ]

New JRPG Code Vein Officially Revealed by Bandai Namco With Gorgeous 1080p Screenshots

Bandai Namco officially reveals its action JRPG Code Vein with lots of beautiful screenshots and information on the story. [Source: ]

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