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How the PS4 Converted an Xbox Superfan: A Brief History of The Recent Console War

The internal deliberation over what platform to pre-order Mass Effect Andromeda on is what made me realize: PlayStation are pulling ahead in the console war of this generation. [Source: ]

Nintendo reveals Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC – new story, hard mode, more

DLC is coming to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo has revealed. [Source: ]

Sony turned gamings slow season into one of the best seasons ever for the PS4

The early months of the year are typically when gamers have time to take a break and decompress from the busy holiday season. [Source: ]

Famitsu Review Scores: Issue 1472

This weeks Famitsu review scores are in, including NieR: Automata. [Source: ]

Horizon Zero Dawn Street Date Has Been Broken Two Weeks Prior To Release

ThisGenGaming says “Horizon Zero Dawn’s street date has been broken internationally with users posting images of their copies.” [Source: ]

Is For Honors release doomed?

The other day Jonathan White of KnowTechie recorded a quick video to talk about his thoughts on the For Honor beta and how well he thought the game would do once it was released. [Source: ]

Mass Effect Andromeda Gets Stunning New Character Screenshots

ThisGenGaming says “If you are a fan of Mass Effect, and are waiting for Andromeda then these are must see screenshots as they look incredible.” [Source: ]

First 30 minutes of For Honor Story Mode PS4 Gameplay

Its finlly here. First minutes of Single Player mode of For Honor captured straight from PS4. If youre still wondering if the game is worth buying, then maybe this video will help you make up your mind. [Source: ]

Leaking Nintendo Switch Specs was a Bad Move

Ty at Squish Turtle writes: “If the rumours are true, a developer leaked Nintendo Switch specs potentially jeopardising future indie development.” [Source: ]

New Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy screenshots for PS4 look fantastic

From PlayStation Universe: “Feast your eyes on these Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy screenshots. The remastered Crash games are coming to PS4 with stunning 4K visuals!” [Source: ]

Horizon Zero Dawn Female Protagonist Wasnt Designed as a Selling Point Says Guerrilla

J Station X: Horizon Zero Dawn’s female protagonist wasn’t designed as a selling point, reveals Guerrilla Games, saying that fans ‘really enjoy’ playing as Aloy. [Source: ]

Xbox One vs PS3 – VGChartz Gap Charts – December 2016 Update

Xbox One Vs. PS3 Global: Gap change in latest month: 1,510,567 PS3 Gap change over last 12 months: 4,955,547 PS3 Total Lead: 4,943,456 PS3 Xbox One Total Sales: 27,947,386 PlayStation 3 Total Sales: 32,890,842 November 2016 is the 38th month of the Xbox One being on sale. The gap increased during the month when compared to the PlayStation 3s 38th month on sale by 1.51 million units in favor of the...

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