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Overwatch Pro Crashes Career with Racist Rant

Toronto Esports’ Dellor most likely won’t be seeing a professional team ever again after this. [Source: ]

Platinum Games Goes Sesame Street for Possible Bayonetta 3 Announcement

Are we close to a Bayonetta 3 reveal? Well, Platinum Games has updated its official blog with a cryptic post that hints at the witch’s return. [Source: ]

Nier: Automatas 2B could make it to Tekken 7 as a guest character

I (Robin Ek, TGG) have some very good news to share with all you 2B and “Nier: Automata” fans out there. You see, the super sexy android 2B could make it to “Tekken 7” as a guest character =) [Source: ]

What Happened to the Facial Capture Technology Behind LA Noire?

Its been six years since the release of LA Noire, with no signs of a sequel on the horizon anytime soon. The film noir-inspired thriller was developed by the now defunct Team Bondi and featured ground-breaking advance [Source: ]

[email protected] Celebrates the Release of More than 500 Games on Xbox One and Windows 10

by Chris Charla, Director of [email protected]: A little more than three years ago, we took to the stage at Gamescom to unveil a brand-new program for Xbox One. Our goal was to make sure Xbox players have access to the best, most diverse collection of games by making sure we enabled developers of all shapes and sizes to self-publish their creations on Xbox One. [Source: ]

Sony Surges as Analysts Say Profit May Reach Highest Since 1998

Sony Corp. shares jumped the most in almost three months after the companys better-than-projected preliminary earnings boosted analyst confidence in its ability to hit the highest profit levels in almost two decades. [Source: ]

The rise and fall of Command & Conquer – A retrospective look at the C & C series rise and downfall

I (Robin Ek, TGG)have been a fan of the Command & Conquer series since 1995. However, when Westwood Studios closed down for good, the series went from epic to anything but epic in just a few years. So here’s my thoughts on GVMERS “The rise and fall of Command & Conquer” video. [Source: ]

Ad Banner in Paris Confirms Call Of Duty WWII Release Date

We knew COD:WWII was coming for a while, but having it come in as soon as the end of this year should really delight many fans. After all, the COD franchise really holds a strong player count despite all of the flack. With COD:WWII confirmed, at least many users could now take a deep breath. [Source: ]

Understanding the Legacy of Final Fantasy XII

When Final Fantasy XII was initially released to fans over a decade ago the response was decidedly mixed. For long time fans of the series nobody really knew what to make of this new title. This was especially true coming on the heels of the smash hit Final Fantasy X which in many ways was a gateway to the series on par with Final Fantasy VII for many new players. As such right out of the gate Fin...

Up to 80% off Xbox One digital games, including Sleeping Dogs, Just Cause 3 and more

Several Xbox One digital games have been heavily discounted with Gears of War 4 (Xbox Play Anywhere version) dropping to $29.99, Just Cause 3 to $19.80, Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition to $11.99, Quantum Break to $30.00 and Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition to $9.90. [Source: ]

Developer Creative Assembly may be working on Alien: Isolation 2

The British-based developer is staffing up and might be working on an Alien Isolation sequel. [Source: ]

Code Vein Will Have “Unique” Style That Is Neither Anime Nor Realistic; Footage Due in May

The developers of Code Vein have strived hard to craft a unique art style that is neither anime nor realistic. New footage will arrive in May. [Source: ]

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