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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Review Embargo Revealed; When Are Reviews Coming?

ThisGenGaming says “There’s not long to wait until reviews start popping up for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.” [Source: ]

Nintendo Switch Available at GameStop Tomorrow; Really Wants Your PS4, Xbox One and More for it

GameStop announces that it’ll have new Nintendo Switch units available to purchase in stores on August 15th, with a special promotion offering more if you trade in your older consoles. [Source: ]

Destiny 2 Patrol Will Change The Game

Destiny 2’s new Patrol aspects look like a huge upgrade over the current games quests and public events. Let’s take a look at these new Patrols things. [Source: ]

Why the PS+ Membership Is Worth It

“The pros of the PS Plus service far outweigh the cons. When you look at it from a price and convenience standpoint, it is most definitely worth every penny.” [Source: ]

Pure Opinion: No Mans Sky is Just Possibly, Maybe a Must Buy Now

Pure PlayStation: Some, like myself, saw through the game’s shortcomings and enjoyed it for what it was, others lambasted Hello Games and called them out for being con artists while Sony basically threw the little studio under a bus and distanced itself away from the game. [Source: ]

Cliff Bleszinski: It Was Strictly A Business Decision To Go With The PS4; Played The Tenth Role

LawBreakers set out to amaze the world with its competitive atmosphere and diverse sets of characters and game modes. Loved by many but not all, Boss Key Productions CEO and game director, Cliff Bleszinski, is happy for its successful launch on both the PC and PS4. While not having it on Xbox One, Cliff said in an interview that the decision to go with the PS4 exclusively at launch was more of a b...

Bungie Is Changing Endgame Content and Weekly Strikes in Destiny 2

You’ll pre-plan more and have to replay less, or so Bungie hopes. [Source: ]

Crash Bandicoot rivals Call of Duty success in UK charts

N.Sane Trilogy is the first title to rack up four consecutive weeks at No.1 since Infinite Warfare [Source: ]

Top 10 Hardest to Get Video Game Collector’s Editions

You can still get them, but it’ll cost you. [Source: ]

Sonic Mania Review – PlayStation Enthusiast

“A real treat for SEGA and Sonic fans. It doesnt deviate too much from the source material, but in this case, thats probably for the best” [Source: ]

The Greatest Racing Game Series

Pixelated Gamer takes a look at some of the greatest racing game series of all time. This list spans from incredibly realistic simulators to futuristic arcade racers. [Source: ]

Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep Gameplay Details Revealed

More information on just how Final Fantasy XVs spin-off will play has been revealed. [Source: ]

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