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PS Vita 2 Will Be Better Than Switch

The PlayStation Vita is such an underrated handheld device that it’s almost sickening on how it just disappeared in the hands of gamers. And even though the Vita vanished off the face of the earth, this does not mean that a next gen Vita isn’t welcomed. If another iteration of the PS Vita does come to be, than this could spell disaster for the Nintendo Switch. [Source: goodnewsgaming.c...

Rumor: Call Of Duty: WWII Leaked; Promotional Images Revealed

ThisGenGaming says “Potential leaked promotional images may have revealed the 2017 Call Of Duty title.” [Source: ]

Its Time to Talk Transgenders in Video Games

The inclusion of transgender characters in video games is a long time coming, but has a ways to go still. Things need to be handled respectfully and properly, which isn’t always happening recently. [Source: ]

Persona 5 Review Scores 9.5 Out Of 10 From GamesMaster; Better Than Final Fantasy 15

GamesMaster magazine recently gave a 95% rating for Persona 5, saying it feels like a fresh and innovative experience despite it not revolutionizing the JRPG genre. [Source: ]

US PlayStation Store Flash Sale Is Live, Upto 80% Discount On 180+ Games For PS4/PS3/PSV

Massive discount on more than 180 games in the US PlayStation Store Flash Sale. [Source: ]

Why I Used to Love Titanfall 2, and Why I Now Don’t

David at GameSpew: Titanfall 2 has gone from being one of my favourite FPS games of all time to something I’ll likely never be able to enjoy again. Why? [Source: ]

Playtonic Made The Right Decision At The Wrong Time Regarding Jontron

ScreenCritics Shaun believes that Playtonic’s slow reaction to the Jontron situation was naive and awkward – if ultimately correct. [Source: ]

Naughty Dog animator explains ME’s animation

Naughty Dog animator Jonathan Cooper explains Mass Effect and Andromeda’s animation. [Source: ]

PlayStation Store To Get A Flash Sale This Week With Upto 80% Off On Games

PlayStation Store is set to launch a new Flash Sale this week with upto 80% off on various games. [Source: ]

GameStop Says To Be Impressed By Xbox Scorpio; A Very Powerful Unit

GameStop has expressed to be impressed by the Xbox Scorpio, and the retailer believes that the console will have some great titles. [Source: ]

Mass Effect: Andromeda Players Are Creating Nightmare Characters

The Mass Effect series has traditionally allowed you to customize your main character. Some players take this as an opportunity to create inhuman abominations. Mass Effect: Andromeda has been no different. [Source: ]

Zelda: Breath of the Wild PC emulator effort gets $23,000 a month in funding

The team working on getting Breath of the Wild on PC is now getting funded to the tune of $23,000 per month. [Source: ]

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