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No, the Xbox One X Isnt Getting Delayed

Phil Spencer squashes delay rumors. [Source: ]

Final Fantasy IX Is Stupid writes: ”Lets be honest, Final Fantasy IX is stupid. Like really, stupid. While the two prior games are guilty of the same thing, IX thrives upon it. All of the stupid dialogue, trips and fall, make it possibly the silliest entry into the franchise. But thats why the game is so good.” [Source: ]

Check out world exclusive PS4 Project CARS 2 gameplay here

Team VVV: “We pair some work in progress PlayStation 4 gameplay against the PC which highlights just how well the game is coming along on the console which is remarkably close to the PC experience.” [Source: ]

PlayStation Plus Asia Members Get Another Surprise Free PS4 Game In July

Sony is now adding another new game to the PlayStation Plus lineup in Asia for the month of July 2017. [Source: ]

Injustice 2’s Cat Fight Achievement or Trophy is utter bullsh*t

Steve Wright of Stevivor explains why a single Achievement or Trophy in Injustice 2 is proving nearly impossible for fans to earn. [Source: ]

Why Xbox One Has so Few First-party Console Exclusives

First-party console exclusives are high-cost challenges that Microsoft and Sony both face, says ex Xbox and PlayStation exec Phil Harrison. [Source: ]

Cyberpunk 2077 Will Have Journalist/Executive Classes, Mike Pondsmith Confirms

Mike Pondsmith talked a bit about Cyberpunk 2077, confirming that the game will feature extravagant classes such as journalist and executive from the original Cyberpunk tabletop RPG. He also praised CD Projekt RED for delivering almost perfectly on his original vision. [Source: ]

Mass Effect Andromeda Gets Free Demo on PS4, Xbox One and PC with New Trailer

Mass Effect Andromeda had a bit of a rocky launch, but now Bioware invites gamers to try it for free. [Source: ]

Star Wars Battlefront II confirmed as an ‘Xbox One X Enhanced’ title

As seen on the official Xbox website, we now have clear confirmation that Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be upgraded for the Xbox One X. [Source: ]

Top 5 Worst Female Character Designs In Video Games

Bad character design is nothing new in Video Games. Be it scantily clad women in clothing that makes no sense, or voluptuous body figures that are beyond unrealistic, Gaming Central has picked out the top 5 female character designs in video games. [Source: ]

Gran Turismo Sport Launches October 17 on PS4 (Oct 18 in the EU)

Gran Turismo Sport will be available starting 10.17.17 #JoinTheHumanRace #GTSport [Source: ]

Why do some SNES consoles turn yellow as they age?

Why do old consoles turn yellow, and how you can make them look brand new again. [Source: ]

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