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Project Scorpio: Xbox chief on Microsoft’s plans for console domination

In an exclusive interview, head of Xbox Phil Spencer explains the vision behind Project Scorpio and what it adds to the Xbox One generation [Source: ]

Spin It Anyway You Want – Call of Duty Has Run Out of Ideas

Join Screen Critics Shaun as he despairs over the creative demise of Activision’s once promising Call of Duty franchise. Do you agree? [Source: ]

5 PS4 Exclusive Games To Look Forward To

They may not all release within 2017 but these five games are currently the most exciting PlayStation 4 exclusive titles for console owners to look forward to. [Source: ]

Tekken 7s Roger Jr. has been removed from roster due to animal rights activist protests

As absurd as it could possibly sound, it’s completely true, Roger Jr. is no longer a part of “Tekken 7” due to animal rights protesters complaining… [Source: ]

60 Million PS4 Shipped by Sony by March 31st, 2017; Predicts 78 Million Units by March 2018

Sony announces its financial results, including an update on PS4 shipments. [Source: ]

Nintendo reveals New 2DS XL, out in July

Nintendo has just announced the New 2DS XL. [Source: ]

Nintendo is Genius

Nintendo and genius are intertwined [Source: ]

Exclusive Project Scorpio Interview With Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer talks to Benny about Project Scorpio, E3, upcoming Xbox games and one of his favourite titles. [Source: ]

The Surge’s Deck13: We’re Not Remotely Close To Maxing PS4 Pro; Scorpio Could Run It at Native [email protected]

The folks at Deck13 talked PS4 Pro and Scorpio’s respective hardware advantages, such as half-precision operations and additional RAM, respectively. They also said that while The Surge will run at dynamic [email protected] on PS4 Pro, Scorpio could manage native [email protected] [Source: ]

Bethesda’s Policy Continues: Prey Will Not Have Early Review Copies

A little more than a week before Prey’s official release date, and some disappointingly expected news has arrived. [Source: ]

Should Bayonetta 3 be Sony, Xbox or Nintendo Exclusive?

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: “Bayonetta is a well-beloved franchise that has truly found its own audience. People want more of Bayonetta and it seems as though Platinum Games is listening to the demand. With the original Bayonetta hitting the PC just last week as well as an April Fools tease of a potential new game, fans are hoping that some news on a future installment is coming s...

Call of Duty: WWII – First Look At Gameplay, Hidden Message In Zombie Teaser

MP1st Writes: “A recent Behind The Scene video released, giving us a very small glimpse of actual gameplay for Call of Duty: WW2” [Source: ]

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