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Should Microsoft Go Third Party?

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: “When you take a look at the three major hardware manufacturers currently competing in the games industry, the one most likely to begin releasing their titles on other platforms has suddenly become, the house that Gates built Microsoft. They have already committed to releasing all of their titles on PC, they are open to having one of their biggest franchises, ...

Atari Reveals HD Versions Of Beloved Classics

Atari has revealed HD versions of classic games as part of their latest Flashback system which is great news for fans of classic gaming. [Source: ]

Microsoft Says They Won’t Have Any Xbox One X Bundles This Holiday

Microsoft has confirmed that they will not be launching any Xbox One X bundles this holiday season. Read on to find out all the details. [Source: ]

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Community Manager Apologizes for Angering Players

He later deleted his complaint about “armchair developers.” [Source: ]

Open-world games are broken, and Nintendo spent 2017 trying to fix them

Earlier this year, AVClub threw a temper tantrum. AVClub was mid-way through Horizon Zero Dawn, a game of dazzling polish and exciting potential, and after a few hours of streamlined, mildly inspired introduction, AVClub viewed with horror what the remainder of my time with the game would be: It was to be, yet again, a map game. AVClub would find new regions, climb some sort of tower, unlock a bun...

NPD Analyst Increasing Sales Prediction for Xbox One X and Probably Star Wars Battlefront II in US

The NPD Group is considered one of the most reliable sources of statistics for the video game market in the United States, and its analyst Mat Piscatella had posted some interesting comments today. [Source: ]

If You’re Sending Death Threats to a Game Dev You Should Probably Re-Evaluate Your Life

If you don’t like that a game features loot boxes and / or microtransactions simply keep your money in your pocket and don’t buy it. Problem solved. [Source: ]

EA Dev Receives Death Threats Following SW Battlefront IIs Controversial Progression System

An EA developer has now received numerous death threats following his comments on the progression system in SW Battlefront II. [Source: ]

The Issues Of Modern Female Character Design

In the new Persona 5 artbook, it is revealed that project director Katsura Hashino said “all female characters need to look cute” – and this is a problem. [Source: ]

My Sister Bought a Nintendo Switch

My Sister Bought a Nintendo Switch and it’s brought us closer together since the SNES days where we used to play together. Every Saturday night we play Mario Kart together. The Switch, and Nintendo by trade, brings Families and friends together, maybe in this manner for the first time since the SNES days – at least for me, when my family would play together, parents included, MOTHER in...

Blizzard: Xbox One X hardware ‘incredible,’ Overwatch 4K enhancements on the way

Blizzard has pledged support for the Xbox One X already with Diablo III, but what about Overwatch? Here’s what the company had to say. [Source: ]

The 2013 Deadpool Video Game Will No Longer Be Available To Buy After Nov. 16

From GameWatcher: “This week could be your last chance to buy a copy of Deadpool. The movie is doing just fine, but the video game will soon disappear from online marketplaces and retail stores.” [Source: ]

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